21 Celebs That Had Breast Augmentation

Many people think that being a celebrity implies no worries because they have a life full of glamor and brilliance. However, stars have a lot of weight on their shoulders, since they are always under the media spotlight, so they try to look as perfect as possible all the time.

Of course, as we all know, perfection does not exist. However, that does not stop celebrities to improve their physique, entering the pavilion to increase or decrease some part of their body, thus obtaining very unexpected results.

Today we want to share with you a list of women who underwent breast augmentation operations, and some of them, unfortunately, obtained an extremely disastrous result.

Of course, everyone is free to do what they want with their body.

But, sometimes, it is necessary to think twice before deciding to make specific changes on their body, because sometimes things do not go very well. If you pay a little more attention, you will notice a significant number of women with poorly operated boobies on the street. How awful!

One would expect the breasts to be perfectly round after this kind of operation.

However, the result of the operation is not always what one expects since there have been cases where the breasts became noticeably different or widely separated or even strangely shaped.

And do not think that only “normal” women can suffer from these tragic accidents, the famous ones have also obtained the worst results. If you want to avoid such disastrous consequences, visit nazarianplasticsurgery.com and find out more about it.

The following are the 21 celebrities that had breast augmentation.

1. Eugenia Silva


The top model Eugenia Silva has never spoken about possible breast augmentation, but it seems that between her images, years apart, there is a considerable change. The rumor has it that it is the result of cosmetic surgery.

2. Angelina Jolie

Source: Business Insider

Regardless of her mastectomy to prevent breast cancer (her mother died of the same disease), actress Angelina Jolie also had an augmentation operation years ago.

3.Hiba Abouk


In 2014, there were some rumors about actress Hiba Abouk having undergone a breast augmentation. She did not confirm or deny anything, but the images of her speak for themselves. We can say that she has had an operation with perfect results.

4. Elsa Pataky


Spanish actress Elsa Pataky has undergone various cosmetic surgeries. Looking at her photos over the years, it becomes more than evident. She has achieved perfect results and an entirely harmonious body and face.

5. Diane Kruger

Source: Instagram

Yes, the German actress Diane Kruger has also undergone surgery, although it may not seem like it. Diane is another example of a celebrity that underwent breast surgery.

6. Sara Carbonero


Journalist Sara Carbonero underwent a breast augmentation, judging by the images of her in the media (since she has never made it public) before becoming a mother.

7. Rihanna

Source: HuffPost

Rihana has revealed that she underwent a breast surgery at the very beginning of her career.

8. Kate Hudson

Source: Vogue

Actress Kate Hudson has also had breast surgery, but the result has been quite discreet.

9. Paz Vega


The Spanish actress looked almost flat at the beginning of her career. Now, after having three children, Paz Vega shows a perfect chest.

10. Megan Fox

Source: Pinterest

The actress has changed her nose, her lips, and who knows what else. Seeing the photos at the beginning of her career and now, the changes are more than evident.

11. Victoria Beckham


The designer has confessed that she regretted the breast surgery and that she felt out of proportion.

12. Christina Aguilera


Singer Christina Aguilera has never spoken about her surgery. However, seeing the photos of her, there is no doubt that she has undergone surgery as well.

13. Miranda Kerr

Source: Википедија

The top model Miranda Kerr, known for being one of Victoria’s Secret angels, among many other things, has also undergone surgery. However, she has made a very subtle difference.

14. Nicole Kidman

Source: Britannica

The Australian actress is another celebrity who has had breast surgery, in addition to doing some other grooming.

15. Taylor Swift


The formerly self-conscious and demure Taylor Swift has given way to a woman, confident and sexy. Is it due to her breast augmentation? Be that as it may, the change in recent months is more than evident, and even her body posture has changed. In the United States, rumor has it that it was a recent procedure, a couple of months ago.

16. Salma Hayek


We admire that Salma Hayek has always had a generous bust. However, the Mexican actress has had no qualms about increasing it over the years, although she has never admitted it. In 2000 she went to the Oscars with Edward Norton presenting a large chest but not as voluminous as in 2015, which were about to burst the dress.

17. Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: hearstapps.com

In 2000, Sarah Jessica Parker became famous for her leading role in ‘Sex in New York.’ Not long after that, the actress decided to increase the size of her chest.

18. Kylie Jenner


Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise. All Kylie’s sisters (except Kendall) have had breast surgery (besides other procedures). In 2011, her breasts hardly stood out, but in 2016 her breasts appeared to be much bigger.

19. Mariah Carey


The case of Mariah Carey is a mysterious one. Before she started selling millions of albums, she was just a girl with a good voice, carded hair, and a more or less standard chest. But after her rise to fame, we see how Mariah grew in every way. Her large chest is one of her hallmarks.

20. Kelly Rowland


Growing up in Beyoncé’s shadow in Destiny’s child’ was very hard for Kelly Rowland, so much so that at 18, she was already thinking about having surgery. However, after the final separation from the group, she had surgery in 2008 to feel more secure about herself.

21. Tara Reid


Tara Reid made her name thanks to the American Pie and has become one of the stars of her generation. However, a bad plastic surgery left her breasts so damaged that everybody talked about it.

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