Tsunaina Won Instagram Overnight, Had No Surgeries, and Looks Like She is From Another Planet

Her unconventional beauty has completely dazzled social media users, and her appearance is increasingly in demand on catwalks.

Her name is Tsunaina, and she has Tibetian origin but currently lives in England, where she has numerous modeling engagements. Perfect head shape, full lips, slanted eyes, and many moles fascinate people, and the most admirable is the shape of her nose.


In a short period, she got a massive number of followers, and a lot of them simply don’t believe that this model has utterly natural beauty. However, the little information that can be found about her indicates that she did not have any aesthetic surgeries.

She is a real refreshment on the fashion scene in many ways, even in height, because she is only 164cm tall. This didn’t stop fashion scouts who spotted her on the street from approaching her and offering her a job.


The young model also appeared at London Fashion Week promoting Dior. Tsunaina has 340 thousand followers on Instagram, even though she doesn’t post her photos very often. However, people are delighted with her unconventional beauty and applaud fashion experts who opted for her instead of “classic beauties,” since she looks like she came from another planet.

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