Rich People Are Buying Luxury Bunkers Because of the Coronavirus Crisis

While ordinary people are buying gloves and medical masks, the multimillionaires are seeking other solutions.

Wealthy people from all over the globe are buying bunkers and shelters, which will help them to survive the Coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, bunkers are more luxuries than ever, and the companies that are building them have tons of work.

General manager of the Rising S Company, Gary Lynch, said that his phone rings all the time since the Coronavirus crisis started. He also added that they are making different kinds of bunkers, and the most luxurious one is called The Aristocrat, and it has jacuzzies, gyms, garages, sauna, etc.

Ron Habbard, general manager of the Atlas Survival Shelters, said that his company is making shelters that could be added to the one part of the house.

“It could be located near the living room, kitchen, or garage, and it contains a security room, vine basement, and a room with weapons,” – added Habbard.

Source: Youtube

While some people prefer to be alone during the outbreak, others love to be with other people. Most of the bunkers are made for more than hundred people and it contains food and supplies for more than one year.

Source: Youtube

Those kinds of shelters are like small cities as they have a spa, gym, garden, hospital, classroom, etc.

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