Check out Galaxy Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen features teased by Samsung in new videos

When it comes to a high-end smartphones Samsung has made something which is very innovative and this time the company really going to impress the customers with its latest phablet Galaxy Note 4 in its Note series. In Berlin Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will officially hit the market which is on 3rd September at the 2nd Episode of IFA event and Samsung has already unveiled its two teaser videos related with S Pen. Both the videos features on the use of S Pen for handwriting and crafting with the title ”Your Note for Handwriting” and ”Note for Crafting” which is totally based on using S Pen for handwriting and editing applications and much more to be expected.

The Galaxy Note 4 offers much new amazing features like Air Command including Action Memo, Screen Writer, Pen Window, Scrapbook, S Finder and much more which seems to be impressive. The device also supports features which can convert and save your contacts, handwritten notes or addresses automatically into digital memos.

The Galaxy Note 4 comes with unique S Pen which can be useful for preloaded software like Smart Fingerprint, Aqua Capture, Swipe to launch Motion Launcher and much more.

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