Top 10 Best Inkjet and Laser printers

Printers are primary requirement of our offices. It is a essential part when it comes to work. And today due to a cost effective solution we can also afford printer for our homes. So if you are looking for some bet recommendation for injects and laser printers then I are going to give you the top models in both of them. I had tried to find the model on the basis of availability. They offer you amazing features, cost effective printing, and easy to use features.

If you are trying to buy a heavy duty printer then it is essential to locate the quantity and quality both. If you go with quantity only then you can get a cost effective printing solution. Where in les money you can take more and more prints, but this will be mostly black and white. And if you go with quality then comes the photo printer that might not fit for all needs. It is ideal for home usage. Before emoting ahead we will check out what a inkjet printer is and what a laser printer is. This will make your choice a lot more clear and will help you to put money wisely.

Inkjet Printer:

Inkjet Printers are the most common one in the market. You can find then in any nearby store and starts from Rs.2000 approx. It comes with dual cartridge where one is colour and other one is black. This printers are not capable of giving you photo type quality. But they are ideal for day to day usage. They are cost effective and are easy to use. There is variety of range in Inkjet Printers. Some comes with fax, scanner while some are plain printers. IT is good to choose an all in one, so that you don’t have to spend a separate price for scanning. IF the printer has a scanner in it then it means there is a copier also. You can take Xerox directly through that. Inkjet Printer falls under the budget line where you are looking for quantity more. The cartridge is cheaper.

Laser Printer:

Laser Printers are costly because they are capable of producing high quality prints. Text and images are clear. Laser Printer is usually used in photo studio where you get photo type print quality. You can take great prints through that but remember that it is costly. It works on toner. Compare to inkjet cartridge, refilling laser printer can be costlier. It is for those who are looking for quality print. There are some expensive models in the market which are capable of giving you both quality and quantity at the same time.

So let’s check out the best Inkjet printer Models with its price and features:

HP DeskJet 1000 – Cost Rs.2000 approx

P DeskJet 1000 is one of the best and cheapest inkjet printers. It is available on many online stores. It is easy to use and give you all in one function. It has scanner, copier and print support. It offers you up to Up to 1000 pages of duty cycle. The printer is able to manage the ink quality through HP Thermal Inkjet Print Technology. You get clear and cost effective print through this. It is a Colour Inkjet Printer where you can take a few colour printouts also. The maximum black print quality this printer provides is Up to 600 x 600 optimized dpi. It is a ideal economical printer.

HP Photo smart 7510 – Cost Rs.15000 approx

This one is bit costly. It is a heavy duty HP Photosmart 7510 Wireless wifi e-All-in-One Printer. A compact and effective solution for office usage. You can take out amazing prints out of the same. It is a bit heavy printer so you need a fix place to use it. It offers you Up to 1250 pages of duty cycle. And it can offer you maximum Up to 9600 x 2400-optimized dpi color print quality. The printer has a scanner in it with a screen on the front through which you can manage it. It also has a memory card support with wifi. It supports HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint. It is good for small offices where you want to share printer with others. You can print through wifi using your Smartphone or tablet.

Lexmark genesis s815 – Cost Rs.32000 approx

We are not moving to a very high end series where Lexmark genesis s815 falls on the top side. When it comes to a nice multifunction device then Lexmark genesis s815 brings all the things at one place. It is costly but it is an effective solution for heavy duty usage. You will not get dissatisfied from the maximum output of this printer. It is a bit hard to find this printer in the local market. But you can still try out. And I am quite sure there will be a huge difference in the price also. This print is built for speed. IT has amazing scanner that gives you a very instant scan. IT takes around 3 seconds to scan a paper. The design is great. And it is a true all in one printer. It comes with wifi connectivity so that you can hook the printer on your network and share it. No need to go with LAN configuration. It has comes with ink saver technology. At less cost it offer you heavy duty printing.

Kodak ESP 9250 – Cost Rs.11200 approx

Kodak ESP 9250 again fails under a budget price. It is a good photo printer. It is a cheap solution for those who are looking more in colour printing. It is good for small offices. Because it brings you simple maintenance, compact design and budget printing solution. It can be easily found online. It is capable of giving you amazing print quality at very low cost. You can just check the design. It looks amazing heavy print. It is a bit slow in output but a worth buying if you want nice AIO printer. It is capable of giving you around 30 pages colour print in a minute if you use the same effectively. You can store up to 100sheets on the same.

Canon PIXMA iP100 – Cost Rs.19000 approx

Last but not the least, Canon PIXMA iP100 is again a better inkjet printer. It can be a nice alternative of the above Kodak model. But you won’t get much in the design. It is the best inkjet photo printer that gives you ample of instant printing solution. This printer brings a very compact design. It is portable and can be placed anywhere in your office or home. If you need some good colour print quality then you can try out this model. And I am quite sure you won’t get any issues using the same. It also brings wireless printing and black ink saver technology.

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