G-Eazy Gave Fans a Mini Heart Attack on April Fools’

It all started when the rapper, G-Easy, on Tuesday, posted a snap saying, “Should I chop it off?” No one believed he could do that.


Gerald is known for his gorgeous hair, and it kind of became his trademark. At first, fans thought that he is talking about his few-days beard, but he quickly posted a photo with his head shaved.

He showed off his arm tattoos with having on a white protection mask and wearing a ripped old black t-shirt.

In the caption, he asked his fans not to be angry, saying, “New month new me… Too much time at home. Don’t hate me! Stay safe yall,” with adding a three scissors emoji at the end.


Some fans did not know what to say because the photo left them speechless. Others showed that they are angry and disappointed, thinking that his hair was his best feature.

A few hours later, G calmed down his 8.6 million followers, revealing that it was all the part of April Fools.

His comment section blew up, everyone thanking God that the new haircut didn’t happen.


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