Charlotte Crosby Is “Dreaming of Bikini Days”

The former Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, has recently been caught with an attractive new boyfriend. But sadly, they are not able to see each other due to Coronavirus lockdowns.

Just when quarantine started, the charming 29-year-old tweeted: “I wouldn’t mind lockdown….if I was with a certain human being”.

Just a few days ago, Charlotte posted a couple of snaps wearing an orange bikini showing off her new massive tattoo and completing the look with a glamorous watch. She captioned the photos with: “Dreaming of bikini days.”

Image source: Instagram

The real question is if she is really dreaming of bikini days, or is she dreaming of the enchanting tattooed guy.

“It’s early days, so being forcibly isolated from him isn’t exactly ideal… but you know what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, or whatever the saying is,” Charlotte confessed to Mirror Online.

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Her man, Liam Beaumont, is a real inked hottie, and no wonder why Crosby wishes this self-isolation to end as soon as possible.

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