See How Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Showed Appreciation to Healthcare Workers

Heroes need help too! Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, are thankful for all the hard work healthcare workers have been going through lately. The Coronavirus situation is maybe the hardest for those who take care of the infected, and they need some support too, even if it’s just a delicious meal.

Miley and Cody decided to surprise their local hospital workers on Saturday, with delivering them 120 tacos.

Image source: Instagram

“During a pandemic, we have to show love and support to all the healthcare workers doing their amazing job, so we’re doing a big taco delivery to our local hospital,” Cody wrote in his post caption.

The post included a few snaps from their trip to the hospital. Miley and Cody posed with 120 tacos packed in brown bags, wearing surgical masks and gloves. Other snap shows the healthcare workers holding their meals with wide smiles on their faces. All of the bags had a powerful message on them that says: “Thank you for your support and love…stay strong!!!”

Image source: Instagram

“Ordered 120 tacos to our local hospital! Saying thank you to the incredible healthcare workers!” he shared on his Instagram Story, along with calling the healthcare workers: “The heroes of our time!”

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