Apple to launch iWatch Wearable also with iPhone 6 on September 9

Alongside the rumors of Apple’s new flagship smartphone iPhone 6, we also heard a lot of rumors revolving around the supposed launch of a new wearable design, presumably called iWatch. The Fruit Company has planned to unveil it in September alongside the iPhone 6. Insiders claimed that iWatch was to make its debut in the markets in October but the recent claims state that Apple may have changed its decision.

This device is said to make the best out of HealthKit and HomeKit, the two APIs that were launched during WWDC. While Health Kit helps with fitness and health, Homekit is said to assist with connecting to most of the devices using home automation platform.

Apple Wearable iwatch

Since we haven’t got optimum part leaks and we cannot speculate when this revolutionary product might be shipped. Even though most of the websites have use iWatch to designate this product, we have no clue what Apple wants to call it!Though it is expected to work like a wrist band we are hoping it might also come in different sizes given that not all hands are alike.

For now iWatch is just a rumor I suppose as there are no strong leaks and stories leading towards its official launch. Given that Apple always chooses to not give a preview of their products we all can just hope that this rumor shows up in reality pretty soon.

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