Gigabyte P2742G Windows 8 Gaming Laptop Review


If you are looking for gaming laptop then you will definitely have to shell out loads of money for owning a best configuration laptop. If you are spending lot of money for gaming laptop then certainly you would look for the machine which survives in future time as well. We are not talking about reliability of hardware or rigidity of the hardware but we are talking about the ability of laptop to upgrade itself in terms of memory, storage, expandable graphics and many more specs.

Technology is moving with great velocity and every day we come across with different device launched with some sort of improvement in it, so if you are planning to buy a gaming laptop you should look forward whether the laptop is capable of further upgrades.

Gigabyte P2742G is one of the gaming laptop who is all set to freeze its step in the market and we are going to review this gaming laptop to make a perfect verdict. We are going to discus about the design and structure, hardware and specifications, display properties and other essential hardware necessary for the gaming laptop.

Gigabyte P2742G Windows 8 Gaming Laptop Review

Design and Packaging:

Design factor matters a lot for every device whether it is smartphone, desktop or laptop. More the design of the device looks premium more it is liked by the users. Gigabyte has tried its best to deliver best in design sector, now will see whether design feature is perfect or not. Looks and feel of the laptop is decent and is introduced in archetypal manner. Top of the machine seems to be inspired by sports car with fish type curvy body. Below the lid you have huge display of 17.3 inches with full HD display and above the display has webcam of the laptop, which helps you to communicate with your close friends of associates by the means of video calling through Skype or other software.

Gigabyte P2742G-CF1

Body of the laptop is heavy as it is stuffed with plenty of hardware. On the keyboard below the hinges we have two buttons one of Power button on the left hand side of the laptop and VGA on the right hand side. On the left side of keyboard we have three quick access buttons for webcam, mute audio and WiFi on/off below Power button whereas right hand side of the keyboard has notification LED lights for battery, Bluetooth, wifi, storage in use. In between VGA and Power button lays speakers of the laptop.

Gigabyte P2742G-CF1 Laptop

Speakers are powered with THX TruStudio Pro technology which outputs clear sound. On the right side of the laptop is given with 3x high speed USB 3.0 ports, LAN port, 9-1 SD card reader and HDMI-out whereas on the left side is placed with audio ports for headphones, mic and multi-channel speaker setup. Blu-Ray/DVD player tray style drive fall on the left side of the laptop. Back side of the device is given with VGA display input and power cable port. Arrangement for the connection setup is done quite well in the laptop. Keyboard of the laptop is simple yet effective in typing. Trackpad introduced in the laptop is responsive operates smooth. Overall design and build of the device is quite simple and amazing.


Display of the laptop is using LCD technology with wide viewing angle showing good color output. 17.3-inch full HD display is real pleasure to have in a gaming laptop because it enhances each and every detail while enjoying HD games or watching HD movies. Viewing angle of the display does well and shows very less discoloration when seen from either side. Brightness of the display is also interesting but high brightness results in little wash out of colors.

Hot-keys or quick access keys below the Power button is quite helpful as those are the hardware we need to operate quickly like we need to turn Wifi or Bluetooth every now and then so we can just touch a button and access them. VGA button has its own characteristics its shows the performance of the laptop, when VGA is green it means your laptop is running on battery saving state and when it is amber colored then it denotes your laptop is working on performance mode. Performance mode is mandatory to use while users are performing heavy task like operating HD games or multi-tasking various applications. Battery of this gaming laptop is quite impressive as it delivers 4 hours plus battery life when stressed heavily by operating games.

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