Kim Kardashian Is Raising the Temperature on Social Media Wearing SKIMS

No doubt that Kim Kardashian enjoys wearing her SKIMS collection whenever she catches the opportunity. This time, Kim is promoting the new SKIMS collection that is going to drop soon.

The collection is called “Smooth Essentials,” and she described it as “a collection designed for seamless layering.”

Image source: Instagram

Not only does it look good, but Kim claims that it also feels good writing: “invisible look and a super smooth feel.” It comes in 5 shades and a variety of sizes.

The 39-year-old reality star is undoubtedly proud of owning a successful brand.

Image source: Instagram

The most famous Kardashian looks incredibly curvalicious and sizzling in all snaps, while the sun touches her flawless skin.

Image source: Instagram

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Kim is utterly bored during these quarantine days and is posting throwback pictures almost every day. She also admitted on one of her posts another thing she is intensely doing due to Coronavirus lockdowns. The mother of four captioned an old snap with: “One thing I am doing during this time is practicing hairstyles on my girls.”

Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

Take a look at Kim’s latest famous throwbacks:

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