Jesy Nelson and Chris Hughes Broke up Over the Phone

The Little Mix singer and the tv personality, Jesy Nelson and Chris Hughes, have allegedly broken up over the phone, as a source claimed to some media.

The insider tells that Jesy decided to broke up over the phone because they both are self-isolating separately amid the Coronavirus lockdowns, and there is no chance to do it in person.

The romance faded away after dating for 16 months. Jesy often referred to Chris as her “future husband,” so no one even thought that this might happen.

Image source: Instagram

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Spending much time apart as the reason for the COVID-19 pandemic possibly made it hard for them to maintain their healthy relationship.

A close friend of the two said MailOnline the following: “She split up with him last week in a phone call, as she thought the relationship had run its course.”

Image source: Instagram

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According to the source who talked to The Sun Online, the split was amicable, and the former couple are still good friends.

All this came just days after Jesy spoke to The Sunday Telegraph, and sadly confessed: “Chris isn’t with me right now because he is in isolation with his flatmate, so I haven’t seen him for a while.”

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