Joe Manganiello Cannot Forget the First Time He Saw Sofia Vergara

The 43-year-old actor, Joe Manganiello, revealed on Wednesday how he felt the first time he saw Sofia Vergara, on the SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show.”

He says that it happened at a party and that he actually hesitated to approach Sofia because he thought that she was engaged at the time.

Joe fell in love instantly and even remembers what she was wearing that night, recalling the event saying: “She was wearing this dress that looked great on her and I just could not take my eyes off of her.”

Image source: Instagram

The Magic Mike star described how confused he was with the following situation: “Later on that night, Jesse Tyler Ferguson came up to me and said, ‘Hey. My friend Sofia wants to come over and say hi.’ And I said, I go, ‘Oh, your friend Sofia whose fiancé is also at this party?'”

It turned out that Sofia is a huge fan of Joe and just wanted to talk to him, at least that’s what Jesse told Manganiello.

Image source: Instagram

He then revealed that he was very confused with everything, but later found out that Vergara actually called the wedding off and broke up with her fiancé. Joe couldn’t wait one more minute, and said that he called Ferguson and told him: “I don’t know what kind of emotional state she’s in, but tell her I want to take her out, give me her number.”

The two quickly became an item and finally tied the knot in 2015. They are now happily married.

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