See How Hilary Duff Changed Her Hairstyle in Quarantine

The American actress, Hilary Duff, has always been a pretty little blondie, even when she became a child star in “Lizzie McGuire.” Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, a lot of people, not just celebrities, rushed to change their hairstyles, cut bangs or dye their hair.

Hillary now has a beautiful blue bob hairstyle. The snap she posted is a little blurry, so no one could really tell if she made this change, or it is just a wing, but she looks great. Her look perfectly matches with the Easter spirit.

Image source: Instagram

The changes were not sudden. A few days ago, she posted a snap with her hair being about short length, so she dyed her hair blue afterward.

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She later wished her fans a Happy Easter in a few Instagram Story videos while she was making her daughter company in the bathroom.

Image source: Instagram

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