Britney Spears Calls Justin Timberlake a “Genius” and Dances to His Song

Britney Spears is undoubtedly taking the best out of quarantine amid the Coronavirus pandemic. She showed off her moves in two videos she posted on her Instagram account.

Her fans are used to see Britney dance, but no one could ever imagine that she would dance to her ex-boyfriend’s song with whom, as she says, she “had one of the world’s biggest breakups,” and share that with the world.

In the videos, the 38-year-old singer is wearing a white crop top with matching shorts, and her pink bra straps are visible. She combined her outfit with white sandals.

She started her caption with: “This is my version of Snapchat or TikTok or whatever the cool thing you’re supposed to do these days,” and then continued: “As you can see, I’m not really dancing folks …… I’m just very bored!”

What surprised her fans the most is the fact that she danced to Justin Timberlake’s song and wrote: “PS I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago …… but hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT.”

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Justin didn’t remain silent, and he rushed to give her support with a few emojis:

Image source: Instagram

Fans are now desperate to see Timberlake dance to one of Spears’ songs.

“@justintimberlake your turn! Now you dance to one of @britneyspears songs!” one fan commented, while others could not believe what just happened.

The two had been dating in the late 90s, and officially broke up in 2002. They were in the spotlight of tabloids, which made it harder for them to deal with the breakup. Fans are now certainly happy to see that the former couple does not hate each other.

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