How to Create Your Studying Corner Step by Step

The concept of “workplace” has existed since time immemorial. But if earlier this concept existed only for prominent people – scientists, writers, poets, composers, then for a modern person it has become a universal place where he can do some work, but at home in comfortable conditions, and have fun here. A modern “workplace” is often a place for relaxation and leisure.

1. The emotional atmosphere of a student’s corner

It seems that everyone understands that the atmosphere should be conducive to the calm, focused work of the student. The main role in this matter is played by the color scheme of the room where your corner is located. Its importance for the psychological and emotional well-being of a person cannot be ignored, and medicine confirms this. So, what color can provide this atmosphere?

Green color and its shades

It will help you create an atmosphere of peace in the room, but not suppressing the positive energy of a person. Remember your school years, where were the best places to study and what color was prevailing in the classroom? Namely, green. It filled the students with positive energy, which was then expressed in their active work during the lessons. Therefore, the green color may be suitable for your corner, if not as the main one, then, as an addition, will help you create the appropriate atmosphere.

Yellow color and its shades

Perhaps it will be the most suitable color for your corner for studies. Doctors estimate its effect on a person as a tonic not only physical but also intellectual activity, that is, just what is required for the student in the home environment. Designers, in turn, do not recommend using yellow in a “clean” form and over large areas (walls, ceilings). It is better if it will be present as accents – furniture, all kinds of accessories.

Of course, these colors and their shades are not the ultimate truth for all study areas. The issue of choosing a room’s color background is a very difficult question. The solution can be found in all kinds of color illustrations of the interiors of the rooms.

2. Correctly choose a place for your corner

The first question that is decided when choosing a place for a corner is the presence of natural light, that is, a window, on the left side of the desk. If this is not possible, then consider the best place for a corner in the room can not be found. But if you are left-handed, then this rule just needs to be changed exactly the opposite. The best option for finding a desk is on the side near the window or near it. The main thing is that the light source is located on the side of the student’s writing hand.

If you live with another student, and you do not have the opportunity to create two corners, then here, for normal natural lighting, you will have to place the table against the window. In this case, both students will be provided with normal lighting.

Next, you need to decide on the allocation of a corner from the rest of the room, that is, zoning. Proper zoning will help to eliminate all kinds of temptations for you, which are many in the room. When you’ll be busy with choosing the zone, use the help of Edubirdie – paper writing service that will save you from paper assignments while you are involved with your working place decoration. Psychologists are categorically against the “deaf” separation of the corner. In their opinion, this will create some isolation of space, which will suppress your psyche and negatively affect your performance. The best option would be to highlight a corner with a light screen, which will solve all the questions on the fruitful work. After zoning a corner, proceed to its arrangement.

3. Equip the corner

First of all, it is necessary to decide what will be in the space allotted for the corner. It will be about furniture and college desk setup: what should be the furniture, recommendations of experts on its proper selection. Therefore, before starting to equip your corner, it’s nice to find out what the experts say about this.


It is the main element of the interior corner of the student. The table plays a very important role not only in matters of furniture functionality but even more important – in maintaining your health.

The modern workplace of a person, including the corner for studies, is inconceivable without a computer. Good business, but also requiring compliance with certain rules. You have already reviewed most of them above. In addition, when organizing a corner with a computer, you should know that the monitor on the table must be at an angle of thirty degrees. Only with this position of the monitor, the cervical spine will be in normal condition.

Corner Lighting

Experts recommend using a table lamp with bright but soft light. It is installed on the side of your hand (if you’re right-hander – on the left if left-hander – on the right). The lamp must be adjustable in height and direction of light.

Medicine does not recommend local illumination of the workplace – it’s harmful to eyesight. Therefore, you should have a diffused ceiling light above the corner – this will help relieve your eye strain.


As you already understood, creating a corner is not an easy question. But it must be resolved. After all, your health and future life depends on your decision. In a properly organized corner, you will maintain your health, learn the university assignments well, which in the future will allow you to achieve excellent results in life, but at an adult workplace. The choice is yours – a spectacular view of the corner or your health. We hope that we have helped you resolve these issues effectively. Good luck!

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