How Technology is Changing the Legal Profession?

In the 21st century, we have seen advances in technology in every single industry in the world. Advanced computers have been put into small devices called smartphones, TVs have become bigger and slimmer than ever before and everyone has access to all kinds of information thanks to the internet. It was only a matter of time that we would see modern technology become a part of the legal industry too. It could bring many changes to the law around the world, how we perceive or study it.

However, many people are afraid that these changes might have more disadvantages than advantages. Naturally, people should always be skeptical about such things because that is what pushes us towards safer and improved solutions.

But, the automation of the legal process is not such a bad thing. The changes in this sector are full of advantages and almost no disadvantages. Of course, there may be some few errors here and there that may appear, but that is still a much better option than regular human error.

To help you understand just how much technology can change the legal profession, we are going to try and clear some things up for you.

Everything can be automated

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If you ask any lawyer what’s the worst thing about their job, probably all of them will provide you with the same answer, they hate doing paperwork. And there is a good reason why they hate that part. Since the law in the US and everyone else for that matter is old hundreds of years, becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. Because of this attorneys are forced to go through all kinds of documents and paperwork which can be frustrating and tiring at times.

This kind of information can seem scary for high school students who are aiming to join the world of law or for students who are already in college studying law.

However, there is no need for discouragement because, with access to technology or more specifically, the internet and computers, we can automate most of these tasks. The work that lawyers had to deal with in the past can be completely replaced by computers. What is even better about automating these tasks is the fact that they will be processed more accurately. Once the human error is removed from the equation, the chances of a mistake are much smaller.

Electronic Billing

A great example of how automation can ease the work of attorneys is electronic billing or more commonly known as e-billing. It removes the need for paper invoices as is completely replaced by these electronic bills. It allows customers to pay their fees through the internet, reducing the need for any kind of paperwork for both the customers and the lawyers.

Better communication

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One of the biggest problems lawyers face in the industry is insufficient time. Handling several cases at once may seem impossible because you have to personally meet with every single person to get into details about a case. This is no longer true because an attorney may contact several clients at the same time thanks to technology and improved communication.

Through modern communication and online file transfer, the clients can send all of their documentation to the lawyer and vice versa. This reduced the need for physical meet-ups which provides a bit more time throughout the day for everyone. It is a win-win situation. Of course, those that prefer face-to-face meet-ups, that can still be arranged.

Online and free consultation

The law can be complicated and properly understanding it requires years and years of training and studying. This is why most regular people do not have the slightest idea about the legality of certain situations. For example, a car accident, a slip and fall injury or any kind of personal injury can get quite complicated, especially if the person at fault does not admit his wrongdoing. In this kind of situation, most people will look for consultation from a lawyer.

However, getting in contact with the lawyer’s office and scheduling a meeting a few days later takes up too much time. Fortunately, there are many websites out there that allow people to get free consultation, no matter what the situation is. So, if you are looking for some consultation about your car accident injury, you should check out Foyle Legal.

Reduced working time

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The law industry is famous for pushing its workers to work overtime. Staying up late to find new evidence or to properly analyze documentation regarding a certain case is completely normal for most assistants and young attorneys.

Fortunately, as technology becomes more and more accepted in this industry, working conditions and hours have become much more acceptable. Working hours are flexible and attorneys have a lot more time throughout the day which gives them the ability to focus a bit more on their work. Most of the menial tasks they had to do in the past can now be done from home online or can be completely automated with computers.

Attorney assistants can constantly provide their bosses with files and documents regarding certain cases. There is no more need for making paper copies or sending a fax. An email with an attachment is more than enough.

Online reviewing

Finding a reliable attorney for the right job has never been an easy task. People used to ask for a referral from their friends or family, but today, that’s a different story. People can find an attorney just by going online and searching on Google. What is even better is that many of those websites that can refer you to an attorney provide a review/rating system. People can easily post their previous experience with the lawyer and even rate it.

This is good for both lawyers and the clients too. The people can use those ratings and reviews to find the right person for their case while lawyers can benefit from positive reviews and get more cases throughout the year.

All of these technological changes in the legal profession bring a much smoother and better experience for everyone.

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