Coronavirus Made Sam Smith Change His New Album Name

Many celebrities were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and were forced to cancel their plans and big events. Sam Smith is just one of the many who was planning on dropping a new album in 2024, but unfortunately, he had to delay the release. But his problem goes further.

Sam admits that he felt the urge to change the title of his new album because it had the word “die” in it, and he considers that not very ethical because of this problematic situation in the world.

He revealed this news when he promoted his new song, featuring Demi Lovato, on Radio 2 on Friday morning.

Image source: Instagram

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“My new album had the word die in the title, and I felt really uncomfortable with what is happening, and it’s important for me to be sensitive to my fans,” Sam said.

“This has been a really sad time. I’m going to change the album name and cover,” he continued and then added: “When I know everyone is safe and good I will release the album.”

Image source: Instagram

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