Roddy Alves: “I Always Dressed as a Woman at Home in Secret”

Roddy Alves was born as Rodrigo Alves, and in his 20s he became famous as everyone called him “the human Ken doll.” But it turned out that Ken felt like he should become a Barbie. Roddy is now 36 years old and identifies as a woman.

She completely changed her appearance to become a woman, an attractive one! Alves is now happy with her look and finally feels that she became everything she wanted. Unfortunately, she wasn’t always satisfied with herself.

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According to DailyMailOnline, Roddy had a very sad and stressful childhood and admitted that she has gone through bullying and abuse.

“As a young child, I was always very in touch with my feminine side. I was diagnosed with Gynecomastia which is an excess of chest breast tissue,” she started.

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It was might hard, but Roddy admits it helped her to speak an unbelievable number of languages, and she is now fluent in 6.

“The boys at school bullied me, physically abused me. I dedicated myself to languages, I was always first to come to class. I can speak six languages now,” she explained and then admitted, “Bullying gave me the strength to be a better person.”

She became famous as Rodrigo, but admits that she “never felt comfortable as Ken…because Ken is a male doll.”

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“I always dressed as a woman at home in secret. That caused me a lot of depression,” she said candidly.

Then she revealed the one thing that was the hardest for her: “That made me anxious as I wanted to come out as a transgender woman. I was worried what my family would think. I was worried about losing my Ken Doll fans.”

The 36-year-old now finally feels good in her own skin and would do it all over again if she had to.

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