Computers Back Up Devices: Which One is the Best?

The modern generation gave way to the creation of different tools, systems, and other things all meant to ease the life of human beings. One of the most life-changing, or indeed the most life-changing creations, is modern technology. Now, almost everything around us has an application of modern technology. The transportations mean we use to travel from one place to another is a product of modern technology. The appliances we have in our homes are also products of modern technology. The entertainment means, academics, and other else have modern technology applied to it in order to improve its effectiveness and efficiency to ease the human living.

Given that, even securing important files or documents in life was also made much more effective and efficient through the help of modern technology. This refers to the back up devices that help us a lot to store important files and protect it from getting lost, hacked, or destroyed by any harm. But have you heard about back up devices? If not, just continue reading.

What is a back Up Device?

Back up devices refer to the storage means or devices used to store important files and documents that play important roles in any aspect, such as in personal life, education, profession, and other else. The primary role of back up devices is to keep and protect files from harm, such as data loss, scam, hacks, and other else.

Moreover, back up devices have distinct storage amounts depending on their type. Different back up devices have unique characteristics and features that make it compatible to different purposes also. Due to these differences, it is only natural that there will be a competition among the different types of back up devices.

Given that, let’s examine the most used and recommended type of back up device to use that guarantees quality and reliable performances.

  1. Flash Drives

Source: Wikipedia

The first type of back-up device that we are going to discuss is a flash drive. Have you seen one already? Have you heard anything about this?

Flash drive is an ideal back up device that can be used for data-only back ups. It can be used without considering any specialized software. Isn’t it great?

Also, flash drives may come in small size, yet it carries a huge amount of storage that can keep and protect any type of files such as photos, documents, videos, music, and other else. It can be plugged in easily to ports in a computer unit, laptops, and even cell phones through an OTG.

In addition, since flash drives can work with any software, it can easily adapt and produce compatibility towards a computer unit or laptop. It can easily copy and paste files that must be back up. Furthermore, below are the perils of a flash drive back up.

Perils of Flash Drive Back-up

Despite its size, flash drives guarantee portability, high capacity, and reasonable prices, it is important to know that flash drives are not perfect. It still has disadvantages that must be considered, especially in the following:

  • Easy to lose

Since it comes in a small size, there is a huge possibility of losing flash drives. It may represent portability, yet it still has disadvantages. For example, when flash drives are misplaced, looking for it can be tough since its small. Another factor to that is the color, which contributes to the hardship of looking for it easily.

  • Slow

Around the world, there are already several brands of flash drives that provide different kinds and levels of performance. Well, there may be fast and responsive flash drives, yet there can also be slow ones. This mostly happens to the low-cost and low-quality flash drives, so better choose a good brand.

  • Cheap and Fake Flash Drives are Everywhere

In order to earn some money, other people choose to cheat their customers by selling them fake and cheap flash drives. There are also unreliable and imitation copies of flash drives that might only provide you with slow, unresponsive, and worse, viruses that can affect your unit.

  1. DVDs

Source: Knowing Everything

Another alternative when it comes to data back up is the DVDs. This classic device has been used over the years. However, nowadays, only some use it still. DVDs are used mostly for storing video clips and movies only. It comes in a disc formation that must be inserted into a DVD player. Burning of DVDs is also possible, which means transferring data (video or movie) from the computer unit into the disc.

Well, the only peril of using DVDs for back up purposes is that it can only be used to store video clips of movies. DVDs are not compatible with storage devices for documents or photos for it played through a DVD player.

  1. Hard Drives

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Another back up device that can be used is a hard drive. Well, hard drives can be found already inside a computer unit wherein it serves as the storage mean. But, there are also external hard drives that can be used to store files even if it is unplugged from a computer unit. It is great to use when it has a bigger amount of space that will enable you to store different kinds of files, such as music, photos, videos, and documents.

The only peril that can be experienced when using a hard drive is that it can be heavy and inconvenient. There are hard drives that can be way too heavy to bring, which can result to the uneasy process of transferring or data back-up.

  1. Online Back Ups

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For the last option, data back up can also be done through online platforms. Since the creation of modern technology has brought a lot of convenient and effective means of easing our lives, online back ups were also created for an easier means of storing important files.

Here, important files and documents can be saved and protected without any external device being used. This is way more convenient compared to the previously mentioned devices that must be carried almost every day when needed.

Well, the only downfall of using online back ups is that it can cost too much and can have long processes of subscribing or creating an account to store data.

Above all, the four mentioned back up means are all great to use. It will only depend on your choice and comfort on what to choose among them. All of those provide excellent performances when it comes to storing and protecting your important files from any harm. You only need to pick the best for your needs.


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