Top 6 Large Format Printers in 2024

We can all look back on the times when a selection of the printer was a simple decision. All that was needed was the cost since all of them had the same printing quality. However, times are different due to the speed of prints, power consumption, net savings, and much more. All of these factors come into play, so in this blog, we will be going over the top large format printers on the market.

1. HP DesignJet T520

This large format printer comes with a relatively compact design and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The Designjet T520 makes it easy to print larger format images in your home or office. It has optimized HP thermal inkjet technology and helps present 2400 by 1200 resolutions for your images. This model can operate with both roll and sheet media up to 36 inches in width. Furthermore, the speed of this printer is good, with the capability of producing a single a1 or D size print in approximately 35 seconds.

This printer utilizes a natural operation of the front panel as it emphasizes a large color touch screen for quickly checking and modifying settings. The operation has simplified recognition to an automatic cutter, which precisely cuts roll media to the desired length and can be turned off if needed.

2. HP DesignJet Z9 Plus

Source: HP Store

This printer produces paint active and detailed graphics in a mixture of sizes with office mined Designjet Z. It also has nine HP thermal inkjet cartridges that include chromatic red, green, and blue to output reports with the highest resolution of 2400 by 1200 dpi. Moreover, with this printer, you get integrated and upright trimmer cuts that report to a variety of sizes and do roll support.

It also has a secured 500-gigabyte hard drive that keeps your data safe. You will also have built-in Ethernet and USB speed connectivity that ensures the printer stays connected to your office system. The printer control settings can be operated through the LCD touch screen in front of the device.

3. Epson SureColor T5170

Source: Laube Imaging Products

This printer is engineered to intensify the way you work. It offers fast, accurate, and reliable printing. With the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can print off of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. You can also utilize Wi-Fi direct printing, which will enable your device to connect directly to your printer.

You can also employ USB or Ethernet for added connectivity. When you employ the precision core TFP printhead, this printer provides detailed droplet control for clarity. In addition, the nozzle verification technology offers reliability combined with ultra-chrome XD displays vivid colors and sharp lines at 2400 by 1200 dpi. This large format printer can handle to roll media up to 36 inches broad and sheets up to 11 by 17 inches.

4. Canon Image PROGRAF PRO-2000


This printer produces beautiful prints and can manage media up to 24 inches wide. It also prints your media with a high resolution of 2400 by 1200 dpi. Users will be able to create beautiful high-quality documents and graphics with sharp text at exceptional sizes. This printer utilizes a few tricks which including a 1.2 inch wide 12 channel printhead, a 12 color lucia pro pigmented inkset optimizer, and a professional high-speed image processing engine.

Additionally, this printer has a built-in color densitometer that uses a three-color LED and condenser lens to guarantee you top performance. It also has a sub-ink tank system to make sure all your ink is being used from your cartridges.

5. Canon Pixma Pro-1

Source: Canon Professional Network – Canon Europe

This printer is a printer for the working expert photographer. This printer is targeted towards users with DSLR cameras; the PRO-1 acts as an extension to the Canons printer line. However, roll media is not accepted, and the new printhead highlights 12,288 nozzles. This printhead offers an enlarged color gamut and faster print rate than other printers. The inks are located on the side of the head and displayed through a tubular system. The placement on the side enables the ink tanks to be larger, and at 36 milliliters, they can hold 150% more than its predecessor.

6. HP DesignJet T100


This printer makes it easier to bring large-format printing into your home or office. This printers HP thermal inkjet technology provides 1200 by 1200 dpi print resolution. This allows the printer to create detailed documents and graphics in full color. Furthermore, this printer can operate with media up to 24 inches wide, and the input tray allows media up to 13 by 19 inches.

In Summary

Your local business or organization has a lot to say to the world. With large format printers, it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to convey your company’s message in a significant way with professionally designed and printed banners and displays that are right for any occasion. With more than 80% of customers looking for local products and services online, and than 90% of those visiting a physical location, you need to capture people’s attention at the curb with a strong brand presence. Your business should let them know they came to the right place.

Choosing the correct large format printing is a big decision. Print can elevate your business to the next level and improve overall efficiency. However, sometimes you will need professional large format services. If that’s the case, visit Xerographic Digital Printing. It’s a great resource for all of your printing needs.

Furthermore, your brand story continues as your customer comes inside your business. A point-of-purchase display influences one in six retail store purchases. Therefore, effective printed materials can make a huge difference. That is why you need the right large format printer to help you pinpoint your marketing opportunities and make an impact, regardless of the type of business you are. Then, when it’s time to take your story out into the world, such as company meetings, fundraisers, community events, or trade shows, you can keep the conversation going with print solutions that are created to help you stand out in the crowd. Lastly, large format printing shares your message in a big way, so don’t waste any time on getting new customers today.

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