5 Benefits Of Google Slides That May Change Your Perspective

For almost 3 decades, Microsoft PowerPoint has been around as a worldwide leader for creating PowerPoint presentations. For many people, PowerPoint is still the king when it comes to creating presentations for daily use. However, Google aimed to be as good as PowerPoint, but better! Google Slides has emerged as one of the fastest-growing presentation creating platforms that offer state of the art presentation collaboration, presentation sharing and several other top-notch features. Unlike traditional PowerPoint, Google Slides is hosted on the internet. Meaning, you can access and create a presentation from anywhere around the world. Businesses around the world are quickly adopting Google’s Slides and other docs software for cutting costs and improving efficiency.

With unparalleled accessibility, Google Slides can be managed by anyone 24*7 as long as they have an internet connection. This flexibility while creating presentations is extremely helpful. For instance, you’re travelling and you have to create an urgent presentation. For those who’re always on the move, Google Slides can be of great worth. It goes without saying that accessibility like this if provided to someone, can boost productivity to a whole new level. The whole process from creating individual slides to putting together the whole presentation is a lot easier in Google Slides. The process feels easier and more lightweight. Moreover, not everybody can afford PowerPoint as it’s part of the Microsoft Office package. However, Google Slides is free to use!

Let’s move ahead and talk about the benefits that might make you switch from traditional PowerPoint to Google Slides:

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1. Modern tool:

Google Slides is the tool of the future. Being web-based, there are plenty of benefits of this online software. As mentioned earlier, you can access Google Slides any time of the day that too across anywhere. Plus, you won’t have to download anything. The platform houses a huge collection of amazing Google Slides templates which you can check on slidemodel.com.

These templates offer a modern look to your presentation and are suitable for a variety of presentation categories. You can share your presentation on the go with others, that too in a controlled way. For instance, if you just want to share your presentation to somebody for a review, you can share the whole presentation in the ‘View only’ mode. The other person won’t be able to edit the contents of the presentation at all. Got a slow internet connection? Worry not, Google Slides even has an offline mode for you.

2. Designed for collaboration:

One of the major reasons to go with Google Slides is its smooth collaboration ability. Without worrying about borders, one can connect with friends and colleagues around the globe and easily share the presentation with them. Simultaneous real-time editing of presentations in Google Slides is the company’s biggest attraction. Presentations these days are created by collaborators, having Google Slides in place can boost productivity and save you a considerable proportion of the time. One can’t simply ignore the fact that with real-time editing and synchronization, everyone will be on the same version of slides. Thus, consistent experience has been ensured by Google Slides for everybody.

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3. 100% Free:

Another huge attraction of Google Slides is that online software is free to use. As a user, you’re just required to have a Google account and you’re done. Easily create a presentation from scratch or use a template from Google Slides’ repository for free. In case of Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s a must to have Microsoft Office, which is a paid software. Moreover, when you can have more templates, more graphics resources and added flexibility for free, then why pay for it? Also, with Google Slides, you can create presentations platform-independent. You won’t have to install any software on any operating system. Just open a web browser and you’re good to go. No hidden charges, no subscriptions, you can use Google Slides however you desire too.

4. Compatible with other tools:

Google Slides is highly compatible with other presentation making platforms, even Microsoft PowerPoint. If needed, you can easily download your presentation from Google Slides in Docx format and can import the same in PowerPoint. You can even save your presentation in formats such as PDF, ODP, JPEG image, PNG image, Scalable Vector Graphics and more. Emailing the presentation is also seamless. Both importing and exporting of files run flawlessly in Google Slides. Thus, users can leverage and benefit greatly from sending and receiving files from colleagues while using Google Slides for presentation making. The software is very easy to use and pretty straightforward to pick up.

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5. Continuously improving:

Unlike PowerPoint where you have a predefined set of template and features, Google Slides is constantly improving. Since you are not required to download any software on your computer, providing updated content gets easier for Google Slides. At the time of writing this article, Google Slides has been continuously updated with fresh templates, fonts and other graphics support. Collaborating on a small or large scale was something, missing from the PowerPoint! Google Slides has emerged as a powerful real-time presentation making software that can be great for your presentation goals. Teams of dedicated template designers at Google Slides have already done the difficult task of creating the templates, you just need to pick a template and start putting-in your content.

Gone are the days when you used to lose your PowerPoint files or slide progress. With Google Slides, you can leverage the auto-save feature and never worry about your files. One can even store the presentations in Google Drive for safekeeping. In a nutshell, Google Slides is simple. As soon as you open the software, you’d probably be amazed by the looks of it. It’s almost similar to PowerPoint in looks, though much better when it comes to features and support.

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