5 Latest Innovations in Tree Service Technology in 2024

When it comes to maintaining their gardens, most people usually think of lawn mowing and seeding flowers. Oftentimes, this is more than enough to keep your yard in perfect condition and to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing. However, there is one thing that people tend to forget – the trees.

Surely, these do not require a lot of care. Except for the occasional pruning, they are good on their own. Still, every now and then, trees can require some attention, and if you are not completely sure about what you should do, you can always hire professionals.

If you are not sure about the services they can provide you with, you should first learn more about them online. In this article, we are going to give you some reasons why cutting trees in your garden is a good idea, and then we are going to tell you about some top-notch machines that professionals use.

Why should you cut it?

Even though at first glance, it might seem unnecessary to cut down the tree or that one might be doing it for selfish reasons, the reality is a bit different.

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Ensuring the health of the tree

As you surely know, trees can be gravely damaged by insects and numerous types of diseases. If you do not pay close attention, you might completely miss all the signs. If this were to happen, you wouldn’t have another choice but to cut it down completely.

Nevertheless, if you do notice the decay on time, removing some branches or small parts of it may be enough to save it and promote its health and growth. Remember, you should never do this on your own. The chances are that you probably do not possess the necessary tools and do not know the right technique which can lead to some serious injuries.

Promote their growth

When you plant a new tree, it needs a lot of your care, and most importantly it needs a lot of room to grow. What are we talking about? Generally speaking, young plants need a lot of light, water, and nutrients to grow. If you have just added new trees to your garden, you have to ensure that they have enough space to grow. If there are some old ones around that might be taking light and water from then, you should definitely think about cutting them.

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Increasing the safety

When a tree starts decaying, its branches can become really unstable. This means that a storm or even a strong wind can blow them around. These branches can fall on the road, sidewalk, or driveway and can injure pedestrians.

Also, depending on the location, it may put additional pressure to your or your neighbor’s roof or even on the power lines. As you can assume, this can cause multiple problems, which is why you should get rid of the tree as soon as possible.

Improved appearance

You want your garden to be aesthetically appealing for everyone who enters your property, right? We understand that you want it to be green and to have that nature vibe, but regardless of how ridiculous it may seem, it is possible to have too many trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Not only can overgrown trees and plants look unappealing but they can also become inconvenient if they start to spread on the deck or even block the view for the windows. Yes, it is a great feeling to be surrounded by nature, but living in a jungle is completely different.

What tools do professionals use?

Now that we have provided you with some reasons why and when you should think about hiring tree cutting professionals, let us introduce you to some tools that they use. Some basic tools and equipment are probably the first things that come to your mind. However, we are going to discuss some top-notch machines.

1. Biojack 300E

Source: Biojack

This tool is quite useful because it can be easily attached to numerous pieces of equipment, such as excavators, forwarders, and even tractors. It has a swiveling blade that can cut through anything. Due to its design, it is perfect for cutting several small trees at the same time. In addition, it doesn’t only shred, but one can also use it to move all the pieces to some other place.

2. Naarva S23 Stroke Harvester

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Because of the fact that this tool doesn’t require electricity or any other extra hydraulics, the fact that it has becomes so popular comes as no surprise. It doesn’t only cut trees but it also chops them into pieces simultaneously, which makes it perfect for cutting and preparing firewood.

3. Waratah HTH624C

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When in need of a tool that can cut large trees (up to 32 inches in diameter), most people usually opt for this one. In addition, due to its unique design, it can be used on different types of trees such as poplar, aspen, radiate pine, and so on.

Besides being extremely precise meaning that you can decide where you want to cut, this tool comes with many additional and also powerful features. It has a wider frame, a large main saw, state-of-the-art hose routing, and top-notch capacity.

4. Ponsse ScorpionKing

Source: Farming Simulator 2019 mods

There is absolutely no doubt that this beast takes efficiency to the next level. This piece of equipment cannot even closely come in comparison to others. Even though it is quite large and expensive, it ensures that one’s work is so much easier.

It doesn’t only provide the operator with the perfect few and multiple useful features, but due to its design, the vehicle is extremely stable and reliable. This means that one can peacefully do their job, without having to worry about their safety and also about the quality of the work.

5. John Deere H414

Working in a place that is full of trees can be quite difficult, and there are a lot of tricks that professionals have to learn. This piece of equipment is going to make the work in those conditions much easier. Due to its compact size, it can easily fit anywhere, but at the same time, it is quite powerful, which makes it a tool that every tree cutting company must possess.

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