9 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Without Mining & Investing

Even if you never traded in the crypto world you probably heard about people making loads of money with Bitcoin. There is some truth to that, but the vast majority is just making decent monthly income, which is totally fine too. If you missed the hype when Bitcoins made a huge jump in prices a few years back, don’t worry, there are still ways to generate some income without investing or mining.

Investing in Bitcoin usually requires major funds just to start, without any guarantee of returns. You would be practically gambling on the exchange market with an uncertain outcome, so if you don’t have lots of experience it would be better to stick with more secure ways of earning. Mining asks for major investments in hardware and a massive supply of preferably cheap sources of electricity. It’s not advisable for beginners to dive into this business before gaining a few years of experience on the exchange. With starting small you will pave your way for becoming a seasoned trader, while at the same time gaining the necessary skills to become successful on the exchange. Here are some ways you can put some Bitcoin into your wallet without taking a risk.

1. Faucets

Source: Finance Monthly

If you don’t mind investing a little time in answering captchas or viewing some ads you can earn a few Bitcoin cents or satoshis. Currently, the going rate is 100 million satoshis for one Bitcoin. Initially, it doesn’t sound like much but it adds up quickly. Answering questioners or taking a survey takes a couple of minutes, you can do it basically from anywhere, and it doesn’t require any investments. It’s a safe and secure way to add a little to your e-wallet.

2. Clicking on Ads

Source: Entrepreneur

There are many websites that are willing to pay for clicking on ads on their webpages. If you have time on your hands, click away to earn some Bitcoin bucks. Again, there is no investment involved except your time, and it pays anywhere from 25 to 100 satoshis. Considering that there is no actual work to be done, it’s not bad at all.

3. Micro Tasks

Source: Bitcoin News

Watching a video, leaving comments, answering surveys, testing new apps can put plenty of Bitcoin cents in your pocket. You will receive a small compensation for these small jobs, usually up to 20,000 satoshis. Don’t quit your day job just yet. Even though this can add some funds to your monthly income, it’s not going to make a huge difference.

4. Accept Payments in Bitcoin

Source: TechBullion

Selling various items or offering services online add some cash to your budget. Instead of accepting traditional forms of payment, you can start taking Bitcoin as well. A lot of people own at least some cryptocurrencies, all you need to do is give them an option to use them for making online payments. This is how you can start generating cyber currencies from scratch, without any investment whatsoever.

5. Bounty

Source: Diary Coin

Bounty is essentially a marketing campaign. Every time when a new cryptocurrency emerges on the market, or when established ones offer new services, they need a way to promote them. Bounty campaigns do just that. Creators of digital currencies or accompanying services pay users to promote, talk, and share their experience on various Internet platforms. These simple actions can bring you some Bitcoin cents or rewards in the form of a new cryptocurrency. So, when the opportunity occurs you should grab it. You can earn more tokens if you create a video review of the new cryptocurrency, like the creator’s comments, refer new users to the services offered, or create your own feedback. Bloggers often write lengthy reviews for which they are rewarded in the form of tokens.

6. Airdrops

Source: AllCrypto.com

Airdrops fall into your wallet out of thin air, literally. It happens when a company decides to give away some free coins for marketing purposes. This is usually the case when certain crypto becomes a part of the exchange. As an award to their users, they distribute a certain amount of coins into their wallets. The only condition is that you have to own some coins already in your pocket. If you are an active member of the community, you might be able to get ahold of some tips beforehand on when exactly airdrop is going to happen, which puts you in a better position of gaining more coins.

7. Lending

Source: Verdict

You have to have money, to earn money, right? So, if you have some coins put them to work. You can lend them for short periods of time, a month or two, with an interest. This is not going to bring you a huge amount of cash, but on the other hand, you didn’t put any real work into it. Your coins will do that. Nowadays, interest is around 0.02% per month which can add up to 7% per year.

8. Arbitrage

Source: Forbes

This could be a little risky if you have no experience in trading. With a little research, you can get a handle of different world markets available and predict to some degree their ups and downs. Arbitrage is essentially buying cryptocurrencies on one market, and selling it on another for a bigger price. The difference in value is your profit. A pretty simple way of growing your income with a bit of luck and knowledge in the fluctuations of the various exchange markets.

9. Write About Crypto

Source: The Independent

If you have considerable knowledge about cryptocurrencies, exchange markets, and trading, you can cash in your experience with writing about it. Many people have heard about it and want to try it out, but with so much different information on the internet, they get lost quickly. You can start your own blog, or work as a freelancer. The majority of start-up companies are looking for people who are passionate about Bitcoins and use them as a form of payment.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a millionaire to start using Bitcoin. It’s accessible to anyone, and the possibilities of earning it are endless. Once again, start with small jobs, and once you figure out the basics you can progress to more complex and risky ways of generating income from cryptocurrencies. For more information check out https://the-wealthmatrix.com/.

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