4 Benefits of Laser Guided Land Leveling – 2024 Guide

Every experienced farmer knows that he needs good soil for successful crops. Good land implies equality of its surface. In order for the works to be successful, they must first of all be treated on a suitable substrate and that substrate must be flat due to external influences such as inhomogeneous water distribution and soil moisture.

It means only one thing – for the sake of a successful business, make your land flat. Of course, this is not difficult at all today because many farmers use the following two options: a tractor with a leveling attachment or use the traditional method or animals to pull. We will agree that the first option is far faster, more efficient, and better for animals, of course.

Although the traditional method of processing is very common, it does not give such successful results. According to the data, even the most experienced farmers cannot cultivate the land completely evenly using this method, and that creates a big problem for them. On the other hand, a tractor with its few small blades that do its job very well should be owned by every successful person who is engaged in agriculture.

Do not allow yourself to make major mistakes such as incorrect irrigation and thus cause disasters such as uneven water spillage (lack of water in deeper areas and overflow of water in lower areas). Use these precision laser guided land levelers and every following year will be successful, and read below why this is so.

How exactly a laser guided land level works?

As we have previously stated, the main feature of this device is precisely the system that guarantees precision when cultivating the land. The system works like this because its main part is made up of a laser-transmitting unit. It fires infrared light in a very functional way and its length of movement reaches as much as 750 m.
This laser can be activated by handling the box that is there to start the electric hydraulic valve. It regulates the grader blade. The essence of the action, leveling with a laser, happens by building a foundation with a laser, which is operated by a farmer, which removes all obstacles that lead to an unnecessarily high water level.
Automatic guidance is enabled at all times. The laser has two options – it can be used in a flat position, and it can also be tilted in two directions. The steering wheel is not obliged to operate the steering wheel during each change.

Main benefits

1. Reduction in time and water for irrigation


These are the two most important features of this modern technology. Save time and water. Did you know that laser leveling reduces your time by up to 50 hours per hectare? Imagine how important this is for you, and then look at the ecological significance. It is certainly not your goal to make the most of natural resources without taking your time. Double negative effect – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Try laser leveling and thus save the ecosystem and join the positive side – agricultural technologies that strive to save water.

2. Even water distribution

Source: dasmesh mechanical works

Saving water is not only good for preserving the natural environment but also for you and your business. The bigger your business is, the more responsibility you have in performing key tasks. Irrigation is a crucial factor for every farmer and things can easily go in the wrong direction.

However, if you take all protective measures in time, the job does not have to look difficult at all. In the previous part of the text, we mentioned several meanings of this technology, and that includes the irrigation process. When we say that something can go wrong, we mean that unevenly distributed water can ruin your hard work.

If the ground is not flat, you cannot predict exactly where the water will go. This is clear to everyone. Due to that, shallower surfaces can get too much water, which is necessary for the proper development of the soil, and on the other hand, in deeper areas, drought can occur due to the lack of moist soil.

3. Energy saving

Source: Alibaba

Savings when using laser leveling are not only present in the irrigation section, but also in terms of energy. So far, there has been a big difference in energy consumption. The reduction in electricity use is up to 700 kWh per hectare per year.

Of course, by saving energy, you contribute to the maintenance of the environment, but that means that you reduce the effect of the greenhouse and exhaust gases to a minimum. You do this by reducing the pumping of water or its time, a better way of fertilizing and a shorter growing time.

4. Cost

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There are misconceptions that this technology can only be afforded by farmers who have huge land, but of course that is not true. The price of this processing is not particularly high and it can be said that it is neutral – availability is possible for smaller farmers as well as larger ones.

The point is that in addition to buying this technology, you also have the option of renting and other types of settlements, but mostly smaller farmers who do not need to use the equipment often rent equipment. Also, another way of use is the community organization that uses this equipment in shifts. To find out more about models and prices check Mara Laser and their levelers.

Considering that you can do this job once in 3 years, and that you only need 5 hours to do it, this sounds like an ideal idea for those who do not have the desire or money to buy all the equipment on their own.
Also, in addition to more options for buying equipment, you also save during its use.


Make the most of our recommendations and keep up with technology. A modernized way of cultivating the land that offers laser leveling allows you to access a completely new type of resource conservation. So be among those who think about the future of their products and fulfill your maximum.

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