4 Best Refrigerators Under $1000 in 2024

Most people do not exactly put it a lot of thought when purchasing a refrigerator. Even I thought of this device as something basic that needs to provide me with only one feature and that is cooling, a place where I will be able to keep all of my drinks cold and to make my food last longer. Everyone knows that food is preserved better in lower temperatures. But, a fridge could be something much more valuable than just keeping things at a lower temperature. There are so many features that can be found on high-quality refrigerators, it is a waste not to utilize them.

Now, you are probably trying to find a reason why you would spend more money on a fridge when the cheaper ones do their job quite well. Well, the first most important factor that many people should consider is the power draw. It is essential to look for a device that will be power efficient pick is a cheaper fridge that will rack up huge bills.

You can also consider other factors such as the size of the freezer, the number of different sections on the inside, and many other things. There are also features such as an ice-making machine, a water/juice storage tank, and so many other things.

But, I assume that you do not want to go through all of these features and then rummage through the Internet to find the best product. Well, you will not have to do that because in this article we are going to cover the best refrigerators that can be found under a thousand dollars.

1. Insignia NS-RTM18WH7 – Stainless Steel

Source: insignia

This stainless steel fridge from Insignia will cost you somewhere anything between $680 and $700. I start out this list a bit pricey, but this device will provide you with everything that you need. It is stylish because of the stainless steel, it is 66 inches in height or 170 cm and it is 29 inches in width or 73 cm. It is both high enough and wide enough to store all of your items. It is total capacity is around 18 cubic feet.

Keep in mind, for $700, you will not be able to get any fancy features like the fridges that cost up to $4000. You get a top freezer, there is no ice-making machine, but at least the lighting inside is LED. It may not be very impressive, but it is pretty decent for the price and there is also enough storage in the freezer.

If you cannot seem to justify the $700 price tag, you can get the $599 option which loses the stainless steel and you get a basic white. You decide whether $100 is worth it for the aesthetics.

2. GE 17.5 cubic foot fridge

Source: cnet

My personal favorite out of this entire list has to be the 17.5 cubic feet fridge by GE. The main reason that I find the Energy Star so appealing is because of its aesthetics. It looks quite basic but very interesting at the same time. I also consider the fact that the GE company is quite popular for its level of quality and durability.

I also have to mention the spill-proof glass shelves which add to the feel of the quality of this fridge. Glass is also much easier to clean up then transparent plastic. The drawers can be adjusted for humidity which is a great option when trying to keep vegetables and fruits fresh. And if you are willing to pay a little bit more extra, you can add the optional icemaker. But, beware, that might raise the price over $1000.

However, with a price tag of $909, I cannot exactly tell you whether this kind of purchase can be justified. But, if you do feel like this is the fridge you need in your life, but your budget does not allow for it, maybe you should wait at least a couple of weeks or months. If during this time your current refrigerator is broken, you should consider repairing it instead of immediately buying a new one. Assuming that you are in need of repairs and that you are located in Tucson, you should click here.

3. Frigidaire – 22 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Source: frigidaire

For the people that have a lot more free space in their kitchen, I am going to recommend something bigger to allow more storage. Frigidaire’s solution to more space is simply amazing. It is 69 inches high and 33 inches wide. This refrigerator is huge and you can imagine just how wide it is when you open both doors. The total capacity of this product is around 22 cubic feet.

Even with that much free space inside of it, you still get an icemaker prebuilt in it without having to pay extra. There are several different options when it comes to colors, but some are a lot more expensive.

The regular stainless steel is around $1080, but that one can be found for less than $1000 in the right places. The black stainless steel Frigidaire is over $1150, and the non-stainless steel black and white are $989. Obviously, there are no apparent differences between these four versions, but if aesthetics in your kitchen are important to you, you will probably have to pay those extra $100 to satisfy your stainless steel needs.


Source: pinterest

This one might be the best offer on the entire list. It is simple, it is cheap and it is full of features. Originally, it costs $850, but with the instant savings on Samsung’s website, you can easily cut $85 from the price. All in all, you will not even have to pay $800.

For this price, you get an icemaker, adjustable shelves and Samsung’s advanced twin cooling technology. Keep in mind, you also be getting a stainless steel design which means that you can go for an even lower price if you go with regular white.

As you can see, not every good refrigerator has to cost over $2000. There are many other options that are quite cheap and full of features.

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