10 Exceptional Health Benefits of Botox

A stunning and youthful glow is a sign of healthy well-being and is not just a mark of physical beauty. With anti-aging products available in the market today, consumers have several options for achieving young-looking skin. Botox injection is a well-known anti-aging process accessible to everyone. It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure popular not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world. Wellness advocates and medical experts at newimprovedbody.com today are now seeing the various health benefits of Botox in St. Louis, MO.

Wanting to look good by enhancing your physical features is a form of self-care. Feeling good with your outward appearance gives you confidence. It helps you achieve a secure sense of self. No matter how critiques react against altering the body’s natural features, there are still people who accept the positive effects of cosmetic products and services. Gaining self-confidence allows you to engage better with other people.

Beauty specialists and health professionals now see the many medical advantages of Botox. Medical researchers today would recommend it as a therapeutic intervention for other health conditions. Before we move on and find out what these health benefits are, let us first have a quick fact check about Botox injection.

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What is Botox

Aside from improving one’s outer appearance, cosmetic injections also enhance a person’s emotional welfare. Botox is a body contouring procedure. It is performed by specialists in the cosmetic industry to reduce facial lines or wrinkles and increase self-confidence. Usually, it is injected along the cheeks, hairline, and eyebrows. The common misconception among people is that it is the same with derma filler, but the two have different functions.

Botulinum toxin type A, Botox for short, is one of the seven types of a group of a substance known as neurotoxins. Only two types, which are A and B, have clinical purposes. Type A is used for several medical treatments, usually for cosmetic procedures. It is a form of purified protein injected on the face, and the nerves will signal the muscles to contract. The contraction makes the facial muscles relax. Now, its result is smoother, wrinkle-free skin.

On the other hand, dermal fillers are fat collagen added to make a fuller appearance, especially on the cheeks or lips. Dermal fillers enhance facial expressions, like giving a more subtle, softer smile.

Injecting botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles to maintain a smooth, more delicate facial outline. It is used to make a pronounced facial exterior by lifting the eyebrows or raising the cheekbones. Hence the term body contour, because it functions explicitly as a cosmetic application to enhance the face’s outline, like contouring using make-up.

10 Health Benefits of Botox

1. Alleviates Arthritis

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Having youthful skin is not the only struggle that older people get challenged. Healthy nerves, joints, and bones are also challenging to maintain. One of the common illnesses among the adults is arthritis, the swelling of joints causing a sharp, agonizing pain when they exert movement. Medical studies support that Botox injection helps reduce pain and restore the function of joints.

2. Relieves Back Pain

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Several scientific studies now found that shots of Botulinum toxin helps manage back pain. Women usually experience chronic lower back pains. A tiny dose injected into affected muscle blocks the nerves that signal pain or spasms. The use of Botox therapy for reducing the body’s muscle pains started since the 1990s and continues until today.

3. Treats Neck Spasm (cervical dystonia)

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Neck spasm or cervical dystonia is another common problem that finds help from Botox injection. Patients that experience neck spasms usually rely on physical therapy. However, recent studies show significant results in reducing stiffness on the neck when combining physical therapy with Botox treatment. Patients who tried Botox preferred the injection rather than taking an oral medication. Unlike pills and tablets, injecting the doses directly at the region where the pain occurs takes effect faster. Patients often suffer from side-effects that are usually caused by oral intake of medicines.

4. Reduce Excessive Sweating ( hyperhidrosis)

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Treating excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis with Botox injection serves as a temporary relief only. No medical and scientific evidence shows that Botox injection can stop excessive sweating. People with a severe problem of increased perspiration follow a prescription to take shots of Botox injection. Patients dealing with hyperhidrosis have to undergo the process every after 6 to 8 weeks to yield the desired relief.

5. Prevent Migraines and Chronic Headaches

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Chronic headaches are wrinkle-causing conditions, especially if you cannot handle the debilitating pain caused by migraines anymore. Wrinkles may be the last thing you want to deal with when experiencing migraines, but Botox therapy is the solution to both these problems. Imagine hitting two birds at the same time. Feeling good and looking youthful at the same is a breeze.

6. Treats Lazy eye

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Lazy eye or amblyopic happens when one of the yes does not fully develop. It’s due to the brain or nerves, signaling the muscles to focus only on one eye, leading to imbalanced eyesight. With the help of Botulinum toxin, the muscles supporting the eyes contract, revive its functions and restore balance for better vision.

7. Helps Ease Overactive Bladder

Muscle pains are not the only health problems that cosmetic injections can help ease. In a medical journal released by the University of Michigan Health Systems, Botulinum toxin also addresses several forms of urinary issues. Bladder dysfunctions, such as severe urge or difficulty to delay urination and urinary sphincter spasm, find relief and intervention with Botox therapy.

8. Comfort for Patients with Cerebral Palsy

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One of the most challenging illnesses that often affects children is cerebral palsy. The unpredictability of muscle spasms that occur among patients makes the disease a real struggle and the suffering may continue until adulthood. In recent years, Botox injections are also showing significant results in helping patients with cerebral palsy. Children finally find relief from a beauty enhancement vaccine for alleviating painful and chronic muscle spasms.

9. Relieves Eye Twitching

Source: Ask the eye doctor

Another valuable health benefit of Botox therapy is to relieve contracture around eye muscles. Eye twitching is an involuntary muscle movement that may not be common among many people, but it gives the most discomfort for those experiencing it. As a therapeutic injection, it reduces the irritating spasms by also blocking the nerve signals to create contraction. As an outcome, the twitching muscles relax and provide ease for the eyes. Botox is a readily available relief for an exceptional health condition.

10. A Healthy Self-Perception

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Health benefits of Botox in St. Louis will not be complete without mentioning its positive contribution to better mental health. Honestly, people struggle with personal insecurities brought by physical flaws. It is not wrong to want to enhance your natural features. If your goal is to feel good by having a healthier image perception, don’t be ashamed and treat yourself with non-surgical cosmetic therapy. Save yourself now from the threats of reduced mental health, and thank yourself later for prioritizing your self-care.

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