Things You Need Before Driving to Mexico in 2024 

It’s quite rare to find a person who doesn’t like traveling, and usually those who say this are people who never had the chance to visit the right type of a destination that matches their taste. Since summer is already here and people are trying to find a way to escape the busy cities and go somewhere quiet, we decided to create an article that will serve as a guide for those who choose Mexico as their vacation destination in 2024.

We’re not sure how familiar you are when it comes to “tracking” the hotspot destinations each year, but we would like to assure you that Mexico is getting some special attention this summer. Since not many people have been to Mexico before, we decided that it’s time to create a proper guide that is going to serve all those who chose this destination for their summer 2024 holidays.

Let’s take a look at these things that are must-have if you’re driving to Mexico this summer. Make sure that you stay with us until the end.

Official and updated way of identifying yourself

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No matter which country you’re trying to enter nowadays, valid identification is required. For this particular case, you’ll need a valid passport if you’re planning to get there by driving. You are also allowed to use a passport card, but that’s not a valid option if you’re entering the country by traveling on air. Another valid option is a green card. If you’re still not sure what exactly you need to enter the country even after reading this article, you can always contact the Mexican embassy and get the information first-hand. This is probably the safest and most convenient way to get informed about the entire thing.

Permission to import your vehicle into the country

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Not everybody knows this, but it’s a very important piece of information that can help you avoid large fees, or even worse, getting your car confiscated. This has happened in the past and although people were uninformed and not getting a vehicle import permit wasn’t intentional, they still couldn’t do anything about it. So, to avoid things like these ruining your vacation, make sure that you get your hands on a vehicle import permit if you decide to enter Mexico with your car, and use that same car to travel through the country. According to some information that we found on the internet, the costs for this are pretty symbolic, ranging somewhere from forty dollars up to sixty or seventy depending on the model of your vehicle.

Vehicle insurance that’s cheap and easy to get

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If you happen to be from the United States or another part of the world, and you want to enter Mexico with your vehicle, it’s pretty smart to get tourist insurance for your car, because the one you currently have, if you have one, will not be valid. Don’t let this confuse you, you cannot use your US-based automobile liability insurance coverage in Mexico. Which insurance provider you’re going to choose for this issue is totally up to you, but if you’re not sure where to start and you are looking for some help, is a site where you can learn some more. If anything happens to your vehicle while you’re in the country, the insurance provider will cover all the costs instead of you having to deal with all the issues. Of course, nothing bad should happen during your vacation, but you never know, cars sometimes break down and that’s just how things are.

Tourist visa if you’re visiting for longer than 180 days

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If you happen to be from Canada and the United States, and you want to visit Mexico as a tourist, you’ll require a Visa, but only if you’re planning to stay for longer than 180 days. If you plan to return in a shorter period, you’ll only need the other things which we mentioned above, such as insurance coverage, a way to identify yourself, and a vehicle import permit.

For those of you who want to stay more than 180 days, you’ll need to obtain something that’s called a Resident Visa. For more information on this, you can always contact the Mexican Embassy. In some cases, a Mexico Migratory Form, or MMF, will be asked from you if the officials decide to perform an inspection on you and your family. This is handed to you by your airline company, or if you’re traveling by car you can get it online and print it out.

Legitimate and unexpired driver’s license

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This is mandatory for every country worldwide, but it’s still worth to mention it in case someone doesn’t remember. An unexpired driver’s license is required for you to enter Mexico by car, or if you’re planning to fly there but then rent a car for the rest of the vacation, you’ll still need a driver’s license. For those of you who are from Canada and the U.S, worry not, your driver’s license is recognized and accepted in this country, and you don’t need to do anything else other than to make sure that it’s still valid.

Combination of cash and credit card funds

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Last but not least, we all know that going on a vacation means bringing some money to spend on whatever it is that you’re planning to do, but there’s something that we want to point out if you’re going in Mexico this summer. Not every place in this country accepts credit cards, which is a good idea to bring some cash as well. However, you should not bring everything that you have in cash because you’re risking it being stolen. Make sure that you make the perfect balance between virtual funds and real cash and you should be good.


Not many people understand why Mexico is such a great summer destination, but once you visit, you’ll know what all the “noise” is about. In today’s article, we made sure to cover everything that you need to know if you’re a tourist who plans to visit this country by driving. Above, you have all the things that you’ll require to pass the border without any issues. We wish you a happy and peaceful vacation.

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