New CEO Selected for Casa Pacifica

New things are in store for Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families. This organization that operates in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and works with vulnerable children is going to change its leader during a transition period that would last at least a year. The decision was announced only a few weeks ago.

After 25 years as a CEO, Steve Elson, Ph.D., will retire from his position and make a place for a new face at the head of this institution. Elson was present, and hard-working for this center since its introduction back in 1994.

The search for a new CEO was conducted on a national level. In charge of this quest was a company named Morris & Berger, that was hired by the board of directors to select the best possible candidate. Both the directors and the staff of the center were informed about Elson’s decision one year in advance. As we said, he’ll stay for an additional year, to oversee the transition and be at hand for the new CEO.

The new CEO took the position in July. The woman in question is Shawna Morris, who brings its expertise and experience attained during her spell as the CEO of Phoenix House of California and Texas. The Kansas Native gained her MPA by being a student at the University of Kansas. Phoenix House of California wasn’t her first employment. Before coming to this organization, Morris spent eighteen years as the senior vice president of Menninger Clinic. During her time at this clinic, she was also the chief operating officer.

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The Menninger Clinic treats both adolescents and adults who have complex mental illnesses. This clinic became one of the leading in the group of psychiatric hospitals and gained international recognition due to its achievements. The best part is that Phoenix House is a non-profit organization. Their forte is work with individuals who have issues with mental disorders and substance abuse. They excel in preventing substance abuse.

Phoenix House was lucky to have someone as Morris as their chief officer. Thanks to her ability, she was in charge of six in-patient facilities, all of which dealt with patients who succumbed to addiction or were undergoing health treatment processes. Due to her leadership in both medical and financial spheres, these facilities increased their revenue, made a positive working environment for members of the staff. They were more loyal to the organization, and mad the business side of work more corporate.

Furthermore, her efforts and leadership led to Phoenix House gaining more credibility and independence. Shawna Morris managed to single out Phoenix House and its California and Texas operations from their national headquarters in New York, where Phoenix House Foundation is located. Both branches, in Texas and California, now operate as independent facilities, all thanks to the activity of Shawna Morris.

Shawna Morris is known as a hard worker and a dedicated person. All of the people who worked with her and under her can confirm this. Morris spent seventeen years of her life working at Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. During this time, she did not sit idle but worked her way to the top. Many people would stop if they were in her place, or would be satisfied with what they achieved, but Shawna kept her foot on the gas pedal until she reached the top. During her time at Menninger Clinic, she climbed all up to being senior vice president and chief operating officer. Not a small feat, we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

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Under her leadership, Menninger Clinic was merged with Baylor University College of Medicine. Thanks to this move, her clinic was relocated to Houston in 2003, which was a move that offered more opportunities for both the employees and patients. At the moment, Menninger Clinic has a 50-acre campus. This was made possible by Morris’s efforts, that completed a fundraiser campaign that allowed the clinic to have a $50 million budget for the creation of this campus. This feat looks even more impressive, considering that it was done in the midst of the global economic crisis in 2008.

Her new employers were thrilled that Shawna Morris joined their team. According to sources close to the company, the search for a new CEO was nation-wide. In the end, they were thrilled that the candidate who won the jobs was the offspring of their state. After her appointment, the expectations are high, considering that the previous CEO was in function for over a quarter of a century, and the same is expected from Morris. The board of directors stated that she’s in for the next quarter of the century. High trust is put on the shoulders of this amazing woman.

The president of the board William Powell hyped praise on both Shawna Morris and Steve Elson. Powell said that the next chapter is ahead for their organization and that they are confident they’ve appointed the right leader to take them forward. Not only that, she’s capable, but that she has all the qualities to succeed Elson, is the message that the board of directors is trying to send.

Everyone involved with this operation also looks forward to one thing, and that is the fact that Elson and Morris are going to work together for one year. Great things are expected from their cooperation and the transition period that lies ahead of us. At the moment, all progress in the advancement of the Casa is halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The real work is expected to begin once the restrictions are lifted.

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Shawna Morris didn’t remain silent on all the praise she was receiving from the members of the board and the CEO she is inheriting. During her speech of introduction, she stated how humbled and blessed she is for having the chance to be in the position she is. Morris is thrilled about the fact that she’s on the same page with all people who are currently working on this project and that they share the same vision for the future.

According to all parties involved, there wasn’t a better person to be the new CEO of the organization in question. The goal is to help the children and families in crisis, from the facilities in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, where help and treatment await. What awaits all people who enlist is hope, followed by the professionalism that will give the people in need needed resilience and strength. The hard work that this organization puts in every day starts from the top, where now sits, Shawna Morris.

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