What Is REVs Check and How Does It Protect Used Car Buyers in Australia?

Buying a car takes a lot of patience and research, especially if some used one catches your eye. When that is the case, there are many things to consider, because when purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you also purchase both, good and bad driving and car maintenance habits of the previous owner(s). Not just that, you are also a possible buyer of a stolen or a car that has many severe damages to it. And although there are many trustworthy car dealers, there was always some risk when deciding to buy it from someone you are not familiar with, but today, with REVs check, that risk almost does not exist.

There are several things that you can get with REVs check, which will make the overall buying experience much more relaxed, safer, and better. For more info on what to look for when buying a used car or what REVs check can do for you, visit revscheckreport.com.au.

Leaning on and putting the trust solely on a word of a car dealer is all in the past, since REVs Check became operational in Australia, back in May 2002, and a part of the federal government Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) in 2012. Since then, everything considering buying a second-hand car is much safer because any information someone needs or wants about the specific vehicle can be checked, with the REVs (PPSR) report. To acquire this certificate, the only thing to do is to input the car’s 17 digit VIN code in a search bar, and for a previously established price, get the report about the vehicle right away via email.

REVs check represents one of the safest things anyone can do when looking for a car. This report includes many important things, and you can’t go wrong with choosing to get either some basic or more expanded info on the vehicle. It makes everything much safer for everyone because it provides information vital to your investment.

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Stolen Vehicle Check

First and foremost, it shows whether or not the automobile is reported as stolen. When the report comes up, and everything is okay, you can also have a double check on that and be sure that you are not purchasing stolen goods. The process of getting this report doesn’t take long, and having it makes everything that much better and smoother.

Finance Owing

Making sure that there is not any debt is something that makes most people get the REVs Check in the first place. In the case when there is finance owing on the car, and if the seller does not want to repay the loan, the purchased vehicle can be repossessed. But if something like that occurs, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work out some arrangement with the seller and complete the sale. What matters is getting the complete car finance history to make sure that there is no debt and no bad background about your future car.

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Registration Status

What this represents is getting some basic facts, and everyone should always check whether the VIN and registration information on the vehicle given by the government matches those provided by the seller. This process is only to be sure that everything is legal, and that there is no need for worrying about car history.

Write-off Status

What makes Write-off Status so important is the fact that you will get all the necessary info on some repairs that you might need to do. The crucial thing about used cars is how badly damaged they are, and if that’s the case, how expensive will the repairs be. It is also always a good thing to know if the vehicle was previously a part of an accident. You can check that upon the arrival of the report on whether the airbag was deployed or not. This check, combined with the usual review from the mechanic, will provide everyone with the best assessment on the current vehicle status.

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Sale Listings

Most people prefer to know how many owners did the vehicle had before them. And with this report, you will know exactly that – how many times the car has been listed for sale.

The information on the vehicle’s first sale, along with the price comparison chart to know more about where the car currently stands on the market, are also included in the report. ANCAP (1-5 stars) safety rating to know how much safety does the vehicle provides in the event of a crash, and of course, the overall green rating, are also available.

The best time to get the report and avoid any unwelcome surprises should be close to the buying date because if there is a long period between those two, a lot of unexpected things can happen, and a lot can change.

For those who don’t know or don’t have time to get the certificate themselves, and someone else show them the report or a copy of it, they can always check online and verify the details. A good thing to know is that if someone needs to retrieve the search online, that will be free of cost, but if someone wants or require an up to date search, they will need to get a new one. With this certificate, every significant piece of information about the vehicle will be available from the NEVDIS (The National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System).

All of this doesn’t mean that all car dealers are looking for a way to take advantage of you, and it just means that you can and should protect yourself and your investment in every possible way. That is why getting the REVs check and a certificate before acquiring the vehicle is so essential these days. We all know that there are so many stolen cars out there, which is only all the more reason why everyone should at least consider getting that report. By doing so, the only thing to think about is where to go first with your newly obtained car.

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