Best Time to Buy a Used Car in Australia – 2024 Guide

Congratulations, you have decided to buy yourself a new vehicle. After that announcement is the thing of the past, it is significant to know what to buy. Some people get carried away and become euphoric so much that they buy the first one on the market. That is usually a poor decision. When some person decides to buy a new car, there are some things which that person must take into account.

Before even considering buying a car, a potential buyer must set a budget, and it is strongly recommended to stick to that budget. The first choice of all whether to buy a new or used one can be crucial for the budget and can increase or decrease the price of the vehicle dramatically. Australia has a large market of used cars, and after a historical high in 2011, the price is in a steady fall.

There are a few reasons why people conclude to buy a used car. A used one is much cheaper than a new one, and their market value remains the same for much longer. Also, brand new automobiles are starting to lose their value much faster. Also, people can drive many luxurious vehicles and renowned brands when they buy those second hand.

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When someone came to terms with buying a second-hand vehicle, one of the first things in mind is the state, and will it need some repairs. It is quite significant to know what’s under the hood, but never underestimate the car history. When you need to find out all important info about a vehicle, visit where it is possible to get a full report on that vehicle, and some information like REVS, NEVDIS, and PPSR data. Also, with criminal widespread, people can never be too sure if someone stole that car. You can also check this info, alongside all other data supported by the Australian government. Due to this service, it is much safer to buy a second-hand car than ever before.

With all the primary info checked, it is quite helpful to try and check the car yourself. Everyone should know some elemental stuff like the age, condition of tires, paint, etc. Also, there is always a mechanic more than willing to check any car. In dealerships, there is almost no chance for an auto to have that kind of problem, but better safe than sorry.

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A test drive is also a must, so never skip it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask because the seller is here to sell the product and explain everything about it. It is highly recommended not to stick on one specific brand, and much smarter is to explore the mark and find the most suitable wheels, regardless of who the manufacturer is. After these usual choices, the next decision should be to choose a model and color, but there is one other thing that is not often mentioned but can be quite significant when buying a used vehicle. Time can determine how high the price will be, and the difference could be in thousands of dollars. So, when is the best time to buy a used car in Australia?

First of all, it is always a good time to buy yourself a new piece of four wheels’ beauty, but to be more specific, this is the best time to purchase any vehicle. Because of the all-present pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the market of second-hand cars fell for 17 percent just in the first month of this global pandemic. With the economic crisis following, prices of vehicles also followed downwards. Sales experts state that the value of used automobiles fell from 5% to 8% across Australia because of these critical times. Add some excellent negotiating to these figures, and the price can be much lower.

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With the global virus outbreak put aside, there are some dates and seasons when it is the most affordable to get second-hand wheels.

December 31st is arguably the best time to make a deal. Dealers are more than willing to offer a good discount when trying to clear their salons and inventories, making room for the new ones. All the models are one year older on the next day, so the buyer has another advantage when negotiating a price, or maybe, there is already a new year’s discount. Australia is a specific region for selling cars, which comes by boat, and with every year’s vehicle spends in Australia without having an owner, its price rapidly decline.

The last day of June represents the end of the financial year, and that is the perfect time to buy a used car because of the many discounts and special offers with free accessories. The end of the financial year is the last chance to sell, to improve annual sales records, so it is very likely to expect bargain deals. Sales records also determine the end of any particular month as a good time to buy a car from a dealership, so it can be profitable to check any possible price reduction.

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This specific time depends on the person buying the car. It is much smarter to buy a used car before your current vehicle starts failing you. When in a hurry, a person will more likely accept worse deals than usual.

Interesting research states that Monday is the best day to buy a used car because the dealerships are more crowded on weekends. More crowds mean the salesperson won’t have enough time for all the customers and can’t offer the best deals.

Important to mention is that the best time to buy a used vehicle is not limited by date, and it has everything to do with stocks. When a new model of some brand appears, the old one loses its value, and you can have a bargain.

To summarize, buying a new second-hand vehicle in Australia demands a little bit of research. Besides all the regular ones, perfect timing and decent research can be the difference between saving and spending thousands of dollars. Wait for the great offers related to dates, and keep track of the market. After that, you only need to grab the best possible deal and enjoy your vehicle.

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