5 Mistakes to Avoid with Local SEO

SEO is the future of digital marketing! Today, businesses are investing heavily in SEO marketing as it has proved to be quite beneficial for their business. The local and domestic SEO has become an important search engine strategy of marketing in the last few years. Such as the use of a mere search phrase “near me” is boosted thirty-four times since the year 2011.

Moreover, it is doubled in 2019 alone, which speaks well for the effectiveness of the local SEO marketing. Similarly, the research states that Google alone sends 50% of the smartphone visitors to the physical stores in one day only, which is quite huge.

You can glean the local search benefits too, and the best part is that SEO basics are pretty easy to grasp and you do not need to go over extensive courses to learn them. The research shows 46% of all the queries that Google receives is regarding the local and domestic information.

Therefore, you should be mindful while conducting local SEO to have your business pop up on your target audience’s screen while they are searching for the relevant products and services. For local SEO services in Phoenix AZ, Kallen Media LLC is quite good to go with.

However, despite its extensive benefits, most organizations are sabotaging their Google rankings, and the vilest thing is that these organizations are not even aware of how damaging it is for their business.

Go through the following checklist and see if your business firm is also making these blunders and putting your profits in jeopardy. However, you must not dampen your spirits if you see yourself making any of the mistakes because there is always a quick fix available for each error.

1. Relevant content unavailable

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The unavailability of the relevant content is the first mistake that most organizations are making without them realizing it. Websites that keep their content updated are most likely to rank better in the Google search. Google has been indexing the site to enhance for better and fresher results since last decade. As soon as it finds new information on their current listed pages, they include the information to their index. It is imperative to have a freshly brewed content on your website as with every new information your website has the prospect to be indexed by the Google algorithms and receive inbound links. Moreover, you can also add a blog post to your website to improve the local traffic and better search results, and you can have it all by posting content religiously. The expert says the business organizations that invest a hefty amount in blogging receive more than 97% links to their website.

2. Google Local Listings are absent

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While the user is searching for particular services such as “best parlour near me”, the right side of the Google displays a map which shows the address, name and the phone number of the number of parlours listed in the Google listings. The google map travels all the local searches made; however, the maps are not displayed because of the SEO efforts on the website, which is often believed.  The main credit for the map representation of Google goes to the business’s Google My Business page.

If your organization is not practicing this technique then you are missing out on a massive opportunity of grabbing new clients. Nevertheless, while you are listing your page on Google listings make sure you get it verified as it confirms your ownership so that no-one can edit your page.

3. Selection of Wrong keywords

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Keywords act as the bridge that links the organization up with future customers. You, as a business owner, cannot afford to fiddle with them, therefore, be sure you are using the correct keywords only.

One of the most observed blunders that most business firms are making is the use of the keywords without any proper research. The wrong selection of the keywords will only smash up your search results by attracting the wrong audience to your website. Local SEO Phoenix can help you search for the right keywords that can get a swarm of the traffic to your site. It is pretty time taking process and requires efforts on the part of the SEO, but the results make it all worth it.

4. Business name with Keywords

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Using your business name with the keywords is a bad, bad idea and not recommended at all. You may feel that using it in your keywords is a foolproof way of attracting audience and ranking your page on the Google search, but this is not how it works anymore. It is one of the oldest SEO technique which local SEO services do not endorse anymore.

The trick was fruitful but gave away the bitter fruits only. It is mainly because Google discourages keyword stuffing, and this is why its terms and conditions are vehemently against it. The moment the browser detects that the name of the business is stuffed with keywords, your business website is on the verge of losing your ranking.

5. Poor quality content

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Quality content is the king, and there is no denying from it. The two most essential aspects that send over the authenticity signals to Google are the quality of your content and the links on your website. The sound quality content helps the visitors stay on your website for a longer time as it keeps them engaged. Moreover, it also retains the customer by showering with all the information they need. The key is to find what information the customers are looking for.

Moreover, the excellent content also allows the users to baste the keywords in the material, which results in beefing your Google ranking. Nevertheless, if you are employing poor quality content, then you are giving up on all these benefits.


The bottom line is local SEO can work like magic for your website and can drive substantial traffic to it, which eventually increases your sale. However, if it is not done correctly, then it is only the waste of your effort, time and money. You need to earn Google’s credibility to rank better on the search engine, and you can do it by avoiding such mistakes.

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