6 Best LED Lights for My Shop 2024

Summer is always a great time to start renovating your shop, so that means that now is a good time to learn more about shop lighting!

Just a few years ago fluorescent bulbs were a logical solution, but nowadays LEDs are a better way to light your space. First of all – you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill because they are highly energy efficient.

Secondly, they are really durable. Can you even imagine that they can last more than a decade? Seems impossible, but it is really true!

The right light can make your shop feel spacious, open and create a pleasant atmosphere which your customers appreciate for sure.

Design and product presentation can increase sales. These lights can be used to emphasise certain products, like the ones which you want that customers notice first when they visit the shop. This way you can easily create an impressive effect on the customer, and make your product stand out.

It might surprise you, but you may notice an even significant increase in employee productivity and behaviour. They can be more focused on the job, have better results, be more friendly and happy. Scientists claim that Millennials love to have that perfect, memorable shopping experience. If they feel comfortable they will spend more time shopping at your place, spend much more money, and probably they will come back again. So you should make sure that they have a good time while shopping. Studies also say that lighting has a direct influence on our mood and that bad and poor lighting can even lead to anxiety and depression. It also affects the way we feel and think about a certain product. This means that you shouldn’t regret spending money on good quality lighting.

These bulbs emit little heat so the risk of burning your fingers (and yes, this happened to all of us) and combustion is reduced. Think about your workers safety too!

Today we have a lot of LED  choices. To learn more about some of the best-LED shop lights keep reading.

1. 40W 4 Foot Hanging LED Shop Lights, LED Garage Lights, White 5000K

Source: lepro.com

Brightness: 4000Light Color: Daylight White
Lifespan (h): 50000
Warranty 5 years

This is a great light for the shop. It will light your product and help you present it in the best way to the customers. One of the best things about it is that it has a lifespan of 50000 hours which means that once you set it, you will no longer have to replace it for a while. If your shop is working 24/7, you can keep these on throughout the night without any worry that they will burn out. You can find more about this light on Lepro.

2. Hyperikon LED Shop Light, 4ft Utility Garage Light 38W

Source: eBay
  1. Energy Efficiency – 62% energy savings
  2. Lumens: 4,000
  3. Bulb life: 45,000 Hours
  4. Manufacturers Warrantee: 5-year

Hyperikon LED shop light comes with a double bulb design that will give you 4000 lumens of bright. The expectation is that it will last several years since it posses 45,000-hour bulb life. There is also no reason to worry that you will get in contact with hazardous chemicals, or hear buzzing sounds. You will receive a plug and play cord that will allow you to make it linkable.

3. French May Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

Source: Outside Pursuits
  1. Manufacturers Warrantee: 5-year
  2. Energy Efficiency – 60% energy savings
  3. Lumens: 4,800
  4. Bulb life: 25,000 Hours
  5. Mounting: Surface or suspended

Meet French may linkable LED utility shop light. It is something worth investing in. Beside  4,800 lumens of light, it comes with 5,000K day time colour, which is more than enough to ensure you will always have the best light in your shop. Not only it has amazing design it is also not heavy. You will have great energy efficiency (up to 60%). It may not last long as other models (expected bulb life hours is 25,000). French May Linkable LED Utility Shop

Light works great on any temperature or weather condition, and it will not produce any buzzing or flickering. Overall it is a great choice and something worth spending time looking when you want to buy a new light for your shop.

4. Luceco LED Shop Light

Source: Blinq
  1. Easy to install
  2. A great alternative to fluorescent lights
  3. No flickering or any warm-up period
  4. Great looking design
  5. UL and DLC certification
  6. 3600 lumens output and 400K natural light
  7. Easy installation

With Luceco LED shop light you will not have as much light as you would have with others. It has an output of 3600 lumens. Although that doesn’t mean that you this is not a good product. It has a bunch of great reason why you need to buy it. You will not have a problem of uninformed illumination and it has great energy efficiency. All good features are guaranteed by DLC and UL certification. Another good thing about it is that is coming with 5 years warranty. Instaling this light is extremely easy. Everything you need will come within your package when you purchase that lighting. So you can count you will get all tools and hardware you need for installation. The only thing that we saw as the bad side of it is that switch is hard to access when you instal the light on the wall.

5. Bbounder 4FT LED shop light

Source: Brif.rs
  1. Lightweight.
  2. Super bright
  3. 3600 lumens output, 36 watts energy consumption and 5000K daylight white light
  4. Quick and easy installation
  5. Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Bbounder 4FT LED shop light doesn’t possess great fancy design, but product creators wanted to make the practical and minimalistic LED. That is the reason why it can be used in many spaces.

6. Airand Linkable Waterproof LED Tube Light

Source: Desertcart
  1. More than 1800 lumens output.
  2. Super bright
  3. Save almost 85% on your on electricity bill
  4. Linkable

This model is famous for its super brightness and can save you a lot of money because it is extremely energy efficient.

To sum it up, changing your light is a great decision. We presented the best LEDs for you, and we hope that using them in your shop will help your business growth. Good luck!

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