Motorola offering 50% discount on Moto X for Students

Motorola Moto X pays the 50% discount to the Students, educators and also for alumni. There are many different smartphones in the market and so we have lots of different choices but what sits well for a student depends on many other things.

Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) Photo Moto Maker will give you a 50% straight discount for educators, students, and even for the alumni. Now what you have to do to avail the 50% discount, it’s actually simple. You need to have an edu email address and if you are the one with proper identification then you can fill up the form at the Motorola’s given website.

Motorola will be sending you the email with the promo code and that promo code you can use to at the time of buying the Motorola Moto X and that too for just $449. This is an offer for Moto X so it cannot be used for any other offer as it stands as promotional offer. This discount will be applied only for single email address so you cannot buy two Moto X devices at the same time.

This chance holds good for students as you get the solidly built Moto X with new specs, so this is just a grab on deal for every student out there looking for a new smartphone. Go on and get one!

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