7 Affordable Things That Make You Feel Like A Superstar

Feeling like a million dollars does not mean you have to have a million dollars. Sometimes there are things in life that can give us that much-needed luxury that we never knew we could afford, need, or want. Everyone wants to feel like a superstar and it is important to treat yourself sometimes. Being smart, responsible, and savvy with your life choices is always good but you also need to enjoy your life, because you only live once. There are a lot of ways to give yourself these feelings of the luxury lifestyle.

Whether you enjoy treating yourself to some relaxation, spending money on fun products, or maybe you want to spend your money on having an experience instead, there is something for everyone to enjoy those superstar luxuries. The first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of luxury ways you want to treat yourself with. There are a lot of affordable ways, but here are just 7 that can really make you feel like a superstar.

1. Thrift Designer Clothing

Source: Luxe Digital

Buying clothing new can be expensive, especially brand new designer clothing, hence why thrifting can be a great way to get the best clothing around but at affordable prices. Keeping your budget intact is important but so is looking like a superstar. Designer brands can be found at vintage stores for a fraction of the cost compared to being bought new and you can save your wallet when trying to create new outfits. Designer clothing does not have to just be for the celebrities and thrifting proves that being a little savvy with your money can make you look like a superstar.

2. Fly Charter for a Day

Source: Business Insider

You might not consider flying charter to be an affordable thing to make you feel like a superstar, but it could be. If you want to fly like a rockstar in a private jet, you can take a one-day vacation to save money, and the benefits of charter flights include skipping the regular TSA lines at the airport. The superstar benefits are numerous, and you can see more here to understand how it is a possible idea. Even for just a day, a private charter can be your special getaway.

3. Cook a High-Class Meal

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Going to a Michelin-star rated restaurant is not cheap so you should flex your culinary skills in your own kitchen by learning a new meal. Whether you go Italian, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, or any other world-class renowned food country, you can find a recipe that is fit for a celebrity in a fancy restaurant. Making food at home is cheaper and teaches you some valuable cooking skills.

4. Vacation in the Off-Season

Source: Cloud Land

Taking a trip to somewhere exotic is always a blast but it can leave your wallet hurting. Even when you budget for your vacation, it is going to cost a bit which is why you should plan your next destination during an off-season. Visiting during winter or fall months is often a great time to save a bit on your next trip so you can still enjoy a fun time without blowing through your money. In fact, vacationing in the off-season can cut your travel costs up to 50%, which sounds ridiculous. This applies to a lot of destinations as well as long as you can pick them well. European countries can cost a lot to visit whereas smaller countries might encourage more tourism and offer better prices for travel packages.

5. Redesign Your Bedroom

Source: RedHeaded Patti

Living like a superstar could be as close to home as redesigning your bedroom. The place you spend a lot of your time in your home is the bedroom and a redesign does not need to be a big expensive project. Getting new wall decor, furnishing, furniture, bed settings, and changing up the orientation of your room can help give you a new look to this room of your house. There is a lot of design inspiration from celebrities that can allow you to apply some impressive styles to your own home and feel like you are living in a house fit for a superstar.

6. Plant a Garden

Source: Buchanan’s Native Plants

Another home-based and affordable way to feel like the rich and famous is a subtle one. Planting a magnificent garden in the backyard can allow you to give yourself fresh and clean vegetables to eat healthily and keep up with the latest fad diets of the Hollywood rich and famous. Gardens are a simple way to add some class to your home and you can gradually expand them over time as you see fit. Eventually, you can start landscaping and improving the look by adding garden walls, concrete patios and walkways, and fountains. Humble beginnings have great long-term potential and even something as simple as a garden can be luxurious.

7. Attend Art Galleries

Source: Pinterest

Want to appreciate expensive and astounding art without spending a small fortune? Instead of buying your own artworks, you can attend art galleries and check out exhibits. Art has always attracted the rich and powerful because it is a great investment and gives people the belief that you are cultured. Unfortunately, most of the truly great works of art of history are very, very expensive and hard to get a hold of. Appreciating art in an affordable way is by attending art galleries. The ease of attending an art gallery is achievable because they are cheap, but give you the opportunity to culture yourself to feel like a rich art collector.

Being modest with your money is no barrier to living your life and enjoying some of the big and small luxuries in life. Just because you want to keep things affordable does not mean that you have to miss out on fun vacations, and these are some potential ways you can be money smart but enjoy the finer things in life. From vacationing on a budget to chartering a private flight to learning to cook like a fancy French chef, you can easily keep your budget within reason and enjoy it all the same as a celebrity superstar.

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