Penile Implants – Everything You Need to Know

Science has made great headways in the 21st century. It has left marks in the field of medicine as well. Penile implants are an example of the contribution of science in the field of medicine.

Now, many people are curious to know what penile implants are. A penile implant is an implanted device used to treat diseases like erectile dysfunction or any other traumatic injury of the penis. Their longevity justified their cost.

In a majority of men, penile reviews have been found to last for ten-fifteen years. Reputed urologists like Dr Elist have contributed excellent reviews which have led towards the development of penile implants.

Erectile dysfunction has become a common issue among men in the 21st century. Many urologists recommend penile implants to patients who have erectile dysfunction. However, patients have many queries before they invest in this treatment. The answers to these queries may also be regarded as reviews.
Now, let us have a look at the queries and their answers.


1. Safety

Many people are afraid of contracting an infection through penile implants. Urologists have assured such patients that such surgical procedures are incredibly safe. They use a particular type of antibiotics and a unique surgical technique. Both the methods and the surgical methods bring down the risk of postoperative infection.

It is one of the most invasive surgeries. So, patients are naturally concerned about their safety. The signs of a postoperative infection are often subtle. Delayed detection of such postoperative disease may have disastrous consequences.

The patients may visit their trusted surgeon for further assurance about the safety. It is essential to choose an experienced urologist. The more experience the urologist has, the safer the surgery is. However, the urologists should eliminate any infection present in the urinary tract before they operate on the patient.

Many patients who have neurogenic bladder are more susceptible to infections in the urinary tract. Experienced urologists put them on prophylactic antibiotics for a few days before the surgery. The patients need to take such antibiotics orally.

Many other patients have a tendency to urine leakage whenever they are stressed out. In their cases, the surgeons need to place a catheter during the operation. Antibiotics drastically reduce the possibility of developing an infection.  This surgery will not take place in the urinary area. However, there are high chances of the urine spilling in the area, where the operation is taking place.

Source: Medical News Today

2. The extent of Pain involved

The surgeons are aware that they are operating on a sensitive part of the body. So, they are extra careful to cause as little pain as necessary.  They drain all the fluid that has accumulated and utilize compressive surgical dressing. The experienced surgeons also prescribe painkillers when required. However, it is normal to experience mild to medium pain.

However, such pain lasts typically for a week or two at the most. The duration of recovery depends on multiple factors. The surgeons inform the patients when they are fit enough to resume everyday sexual life.

Doctors who have had an extensive practice, activate a penile implant after three weeks since the surgery. Once the penile implant is successfully activated, it is fit for unrestricted use. The patients have to bathe the genital area with some strong soap, three days before the surgery. This soap acts as an antibacterial material.

Source: NRCOA | Dr. Kaye

3. Longevity

This surgery is quite expensive. Naturally, the patients are concerned about how long-lasting it will be. However, urologists have assured that penile implants offer value for money. A corrective implant lasts for 15-20 years. The instances of a penile implant breaking are few and far between. If they break, they can be rectified with a small surgical process. They are made of premium quality medical grade silicone.


4. Type of penile implant necessary

There are two main types of implants:

  • Malleable implants
  • Inflatable implants.

Customer surveys reveal that irrespective of the type of implant chosen, the results have been satisfactory for them. Most of the patients have given positive reviews to both the type. However, if the patients need to decide which of the two is most suitable for them, the surgeons will be the best people to guide them. Since neither of the two procedures involves touch, the risk of infection is at an all-time low.

Source: Australian Medical Association

5. Worthwhile

Research reveals the satisfaction rate of 90% among people who have undergone a penile implant and their partners. Urologists recommend corrective implants as a trustworthy and risk-free method of getting an erection. The surgical process takes as little time as an hour. It may be performed in the Outpatient department. So, the patients are not required to invest much time.

The urologists have observed that complications are rare. Such complications occur when the patients comply with specific post-operative regulations. The urologists customize the implants so that they fit the patients. The only other alternatives include taking pills that cause an erection. Doctors generally do not recommend those pills because they have many unpleasant side effects.

No scar is visible after the surgery is done. Skilled and experienced surgeons are needed to perform the incision. The skilled surgeons ensure that patients take miraculously a short time after the implant to heal. There is no fixed target that the implant has to be used so many times per week or month.

Source: Twitter

6. Possible side-effects and risks

They entail very few risks and side-effects. There may be severe pain in the surgical area or the vein of the lower extremity. However, renowned urologists and surgeons have assured the patients that such Pain, though overwhelming, will be temporary.  The ability of spontaneous erection will not be available immediately after the implant.

Source: Urologist in Chattanooga, TN

7. Investment

The cost depends on a variety of factors. So, it is better to consult a renowned urologist before getting the surgery done. Several flexible schemes are also available so that the patient doesn’t face much of a financial burden.


Penile implants are an integral part of the 21st century. The best part of this is that the change will be barely evident. As time progresses, more people go in for it.

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