Type 2 Diabetes Medications: What Works and What Doesn’t

Diabetes Medications

When I first got my type 2 diabetes diagnosis, the doctor talked a lot about medications and options for “treating” this condition. Truth be told, it went right over my head at the time between trying to digest it all.

The good news is you don’t have to be a doctorate to understand the basics – and with some trial and error on my part and help from semaglutide San Antonio, I’ve decided what pills tend to pan out (and not!) for most folks like me just trying to stay healthy. Here’s a rundown of the main classes and what my experiences using them have taught me so far in diabetes drug 101 …

Metformin: A Wonder Pill?

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Being one of the first line diabetes medications, the doc had me try Metformin to begin lowering my high blood sugar. And boy howdy, this pill packs a punch smoothly without side effects for many! Helping the body use its own insulin better and curbing sugar production in the liver makes a noticeable dent naturally if kidneys allow for long-term usage. Thankfully no digestive issues here at moderate doses taken with meals. Based on feedback from others too, I’d call Metformin the reliable workhorse med of choice to start.

Sulfonylureas: Proceed with Caution

The next drug class my doc suggested when Metformin alone didn’t do the full job were the sulfonylureas like Glipizide. Unlike Metformin though, these trigger natural insulin from the pancreas a little too zealously in my non-medical opinion!

While they lowered numbers like champions, side effects like weight gain and hypoglycemia when meals got thrown off schedule definitely took more vigilance. I eventually opted out feeling chained too tight glycemic-wise versus a quality lifestyle. Beware if prone to low blood sugars or prefer more flexibility personally in your routine.

DPP-4 Inhibitors: Safer Bet

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If gentler blood sugar lowering is the goal with fewer risks, DPP-4 inhibitors ended up suiting my diabetic self much better than prior attempts in the long run. Drugs like Januvia and Onglyza delicately slowed carb breakdown to achieve drop in A1Cs without aggravating lows or pounds so I could live freely.

Plus since they stimulate natural glucagon levels unlike sulfonylureas, the danger of hypos virtually vanished and control felt more balanced. For stabilization that empowers independence and peace of mind versus anxiety, this class gets top ratings.

GLP-1 Agonists: Amazing Additions

Moving to stronger meds became necessary as time progressed controlling diabetes through lifestyle alone proved too great a task, yet I wanted something beyond pills given my weight issues. Solution – GLP-1 receptor agonists like Ozempic, Victoza or Trulicity.

These once weekly injectables not only lower blood sugar dramatically by mimicking natural GLP-1 signals but prompt weight loss as a bonus via decreased appetite. Side effects often are mild tummy troubles that subside. After combos now, I’m singing their praises for superb control plus dropping dress sizes significantly!

SGLT2 Inhibitors: Great Gains

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The latest wonder drugs I’m testing now are SGLT2 inhibitors like Jardiance, Farxiga or Invokana. This crew encourages the kidneys to shed excess blood sugar via urine without extra insulin involvement. That genius means lower A1Cs as well as shedding pounds since they make the body utilize its stored energy better. Perks like lowered heart risks might also apply.

No major side effects except more frequent urination occur usually. Early returns indicate these may become my magic bullet combo complimenting GLP-1 injections perfectly while optimizing health from multiple angles. Progress indeed!

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