Travel Essentials You Can Take With You Anywhere You Go

In the 21st Century, the world has become infinitely smaller due to the proliferation of the travel industry and the fact that a rise in disposable incomes coupled with the reduced costs of travel, has led to many more people being able to see the world. Whether traveling by land, air, or sea there are essential items that you need to take with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, however, it is also worth noting that there are a lot of products on the market that are completely pointless and should be avoided at all costs.

Here we are going to take a look at the best items to take with you when traveling.

A Water Bottle

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Water is something that we all need to survive, but unfortunately in many countries, the local water supply is not clean and safe to drink, and the climate often means that you need to stay well hydrated. To make sure you always have a ready supply of potable water, it is important to travel with your water bottle. By doing this you can always prepare clean water in the evening, by using a purification tablet or by sourcing from a clean supply, and then you can refresh yourself during the day, safe in the knowledge that what you are drinking is safe.

A Thermal Coffee Maker

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Staying on the theme of drinks, many people would argue that the second most important liquid is coffee, as this is what wakes them up in the morning and allows them to start the day off on the right foot. When traveling it can be difficult to find an appropriate way to make and store fresh coffee so experts at recommend using a thermal coffee maker as this will include a portable carafe that will keep the coffee warm throughout the day thanks to its twin sleeve vacuum. The coffee maker can double up for use in the home when you return from your travels, so it is a marvelous piece of kit to have in your armory.

A Travel Adapter

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We are all glued to our mobile phones, and there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to charge it. When globe-trotting, this issue comes to the fore as there are many different plug sockets around the world so it is necessary to have a device allowing you to use your plug wherever you are. Thankfully, travel adaptors have been designed to function in all regions of the world, and they are lightweight and can fit into small nooks and crannies in your rucksack, so the next time you go traveling make sure you pack one, and you will always stay connected.

A Power Pack

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For the most intrepid travelers, using a power socket will not be practical because they are likely to be hiking through a mountain chain or crossing the ocean by rowing boat, so there will be no plug sockets available. What is necessary for this situation is a power pack that can be charged in advance. Some of these packs have batteries that are so large they can hold power for up to half a dozen charges, so even when off the beaten track you can still charge your phone and can update your Instagram with those all-important snaps of your travels.

Travel Towel


A travel towel is one of the most useful things you can take traveling with you. When you are staying in hostels or budget accommodation sometimes the towels provided can be a little ropey and unhygienic, so by taking your own you know that you have a clean means of drying yourself, that won’t leave you itching at your skin for hours after. These towels easily absorb water and then can be wrung out so that they will easily fit into your backpack with little weight. It can also double up as a blanket on those long journeys so is definitely worth the investment.


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A pair of earplugs can be a lifesaver on long journeys or when staying in shared accommodation. Air travel can be particularly frustrating as there are often families with screaming kids, or groups of loud holidaymakers enjoying a few loud beers on the plane, so it can be a nightmare trying to sleep. When staying in youth hostels there is always one loud snorer in the room, so ensure you can have a peaceful night’s sleep every time by wearing a pair of earplugs and you will wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy and can continue your trip without feeling worn out from your lack of sleep.

Good Shoes

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When traveling you will be doing an awful lot of walking so one of the most important considerations is your footwear. The last thing you want is to develop blisters so make sure you plan your shoes and break in some new walking boots so that they fit you like a glove before you leave. You may also want to consider the climate at your destination because if it is especially hot you will need a breathable pair of shoes otherwise your feet will sweat and the people you are traveling with will not appreciate the smell!

Pen and Paper

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What better way to record your travels than by keeping a written account of your trip? Yes, everything can be done on your phone these days, but in years to come you will appreciate the fact that you have a handwritten diary when you are sharing stories about your travels with your grandkids, so take the time to pack a pen and paper and your memories will stay with you forever.

As we have discovered there are many items that you can take with you when you are traveling that can also play a huge part in your daily life. Make life easy for yourself by taking an adaptor and a battery pack, and a water bottle and a thermal coffee maker will ensure that you are always hydrated. Wear appropriate well worn-in footwear and take a travel towel to be extra hygienic. Most of all though, enjoy your trip!

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