Exciting Locations Where A New Disneyland Can Rise

Theme parks are extremely exciting for the whole family, no matter your age – both children and grown-ups can enjoy the fun they have to offer. Families often visit these places to take advantage of the events and take the thrilling rides together. Visiting a theme park is definitely a great way to spend time with your family and to create memories together.

Disneyland is a very popular theme park that stands out from other fun parks. It goes as far as advertising that it is the happiest place on Earth. However, considering the current few locations of Disneyland around the world, it remains difficult for a lot of people to visit this place, without having to travel across the globe. In this article, we will discuss exciting locations where a new Disneyland can rise.

Exciting Locations:

South America

South America is often associated with high levels of crime, however many parts of this beautiful and dreamy location are still highly visited by high rates of tourists. Although one could argue that there is already a Disneyland located in America not every habitant in South-America can afford to travel, even when they have money to spend. You can easily find a perfect location to travel to within South America, and if you are unsure consult with an expert. Along the lines with guidance and information provided by the experts of www.southamerica.travel, there are many travel companies that are able to provide you advice on what attractions to visit in South America. Obtaining advice from a professional with specific knowledge of the area you want to visit will ensure that you fully enjoy your trip.

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Thailand is a very popular location among tourists – there are many different tourists’ attractions offered by this beautiful location. Its versatility allows for a range of different individuals, from different backgrounds to visit this country. Considering the large amounts of tourism and the amazing weather, this would be an ideal and very exciting location for a new Disneyland to rise. Tourists not only would be able to spend incredible days enjoying the magical world of Disney; they could enjoy a sunny day in a paradise beach or enjoy the stunning temples available.

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India is another exciting location where a new Disneyland would certainly prosper. It is a very versatile and diverse country filled with amazing cultural history, which attracts so many tourists. India is also one of the most affordable places to travel to, meaning that people will be able to travel to this location and not spend too much money – this allows for a broader range of people from different economic backgrounds to visit the new Disneyland.

Source: Britannica


Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and they are very welcoming to their visitors. This location offers constant sunshine, stunning coastline, and vast deserts, among other beautiful views and attractions. Dubai ranks among the world’s top richest cities, being home to a few millionaires. This great cash flow would definitely be beneficial to a new Disneyland, and the theme park would be able to incorporate some of the amazing Arabic cultural elements it has to offer.

Source: Britannica

What Factors Must Be Considered?

Building a new Disneyland is indeed a big investment and many various factors must be taken into consideration before deciding what location to bring this amazing place to. Below there are a few of the factors that contribute to an ideal location for a theme park:


When you think about spending time with friends or with family in a theme park, where you can meet your favourite Disney characters and enjoy the magical events and parades, certainly rain and adverse weather conditions are not part of the picture. The majority of Disneyland entertainment occurs outdoors; therefore it is crucial to consider the weather before determining the ideal location for a new Disneyland to rise.

Source: Wired

Nearby Tourist Attractions

It is important to reflect on the different tourist attractions already available in the area before locating the perfect place for a new Disneyland. There must be a balance – you do not want a location that already provides the community with similar entertainment, however considering that the majority of people will most likely have to travel a long way to get to Disneyland, having a high flow of tourism in the area is important as a way to attract visitors.

Highways and Flow of Traffic

A very important factor to reflect upon is local government guidelines. Evidently, there will be many political factors and discussions for a new Disneyland to be approved before it can be built in a certain location. Having such a big tourist attraction can significantly increase the amount of traffic in the area – although this sounds economically positive for the country, it is important to consider the negative impacts high traffic flow of people can have on the community and the locals.

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Price is very important to consider before making a decision on location. Evidently, a lot of money must be invested into this business, and if there are cheaper locations which offer similar benefits, saving money and going for a cheaper location is ideal. It is not only the price of the land that matters but also how much work it will require and how much this will cost progressively.

Amount of Free Land and Potential

When choosing an ideal, exciting location for a new Disneyland to rise, it is important to think about the land and what it has to offer. Ideally, it will provide enough space and room for expansion. It is a natural process for theme parks to evolve and build on new entertainment. Disneyland, in particular, with all the movies that are made constantly, it is only evident that the land of theme parks must evolve with this. Therefore thinking about the future and the potential of the land for expansion is crucial.

Source: The American Ceramic Society

Population of Area

The population of the area is a vital factor to contemplate – think about how many people will be required in order to operate such a big tourist attraction, the chosen location must have enough people in order to support this growth. Additionally, the city should be used to welcoming large numbers of people regularly, so that the community does not suffer with a sudden surge in tourists, which could cause problems, as discussed above.

Disneyland is a magical world where any individual can have fun and make wonderful memories for life, with friends and family. It is unfortunate that not every country has this amazing theme park available for the locals to enjoy. However, hopefully, in the future, we will see it rise in some of the exciting locations discussed above.

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