Key Factors That Can Tell You It’s Time For A New Roof

When the majority of homeowners see a spot that leaks in their ceiling, they decide it is time for a change. Many roofing problems can cause this issue and usually unless you are an expert, you are missing the signs of what exactly they are. It can be that the roof has simply reached the “end of its career” or there is some sort of failure that has occurred.

Either way, if the fix is delayed, that can cost you a lot, not only financially. In case you would like to avoid such a situation, you need to look at all the warning signs. If you are unsure what they would be there is no need to worry. These examples will give you a clue if your roof needs refreshment and what are the potential problems that they can cause if not treated on time.


Pay Attention To Age

Do you know the age of your roof? A typical roof, as experts would claim, can last between 20 and 25 years. Naturally, that would depend on various factors, like is it properly ventilated, or do you have only one layer of shingles or more. Those factors can shorten or elongate the life roof expectancy. So, if your home cover has been installed over 20 years ago over several other layers, that is a sign that the change is more than needed. Some materials can last long though, and prolong its durability.

Copper, clay, slate, or concrete roofs as an example, can last even over 50 years while roofs that are made out of wood can last around 30. No matter what material is at stake, you need to think about when it has been placed. It is better to have regular adjustments since down the road, it will be easier and convenient to take care of your roof. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where the full renewal is needed which is costly and stressful.

What Types Of Problems Exist Out There?

If your shingles are curled or are bent in any way, you can assume what comes next. It is time for a replacement. To assess if they are in such a state, pay attention to the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight. If they are curling and losing granules, that means that their life expectancy has passed or that the roof is defective. It is also important to inspect your roof after some heavy storms to keep it in a good state. So, if you as an example see your shingles are damaged in any way, the repair is in order. Valleys are of great importance fro the roof. They prevent snow and rain from leaking through and steer them into the gutters if they are not compromised.

So, for instance, if they are damaged in any way, you will notice dark patches that may be looking like moss or some other algae, granules are missing or hopefully, they are just dirt caused by bad weather. You may not need a whole new roof, but these situations may give a sign that the replacement of shingles or cleaning of the moss is needed. As the experts at would say “Whether you have a Residential, Commercial or Industrial Property, it is very important to be well-informed before making any repair decisions”. So to be properly informed, you need to have detailed research of your roof. Have a good look at it and then evaluate whether the repair or the replacement is needed.


“Take Care” Of Plants

If you thought that moss is just a cosmetic issue, you would be wrong. It appears on roof surfaces that are in cold and moist climates and which do not get as much sunlight. In those types of climates, over time the moss can cause damage to the granules that are placed on top of the shingles. It can be brushed off, surely. But one has to have in mind that it will not prevent it from sprouting up again after a while. If you do not mind cleaning it off repeatedly and you are educated in a way on how to do so safely, it would be a good idea to pay attention not to damage the shingle surface. In case you are not, there are always roofing contractors that you can contact and do the work in a professional way for you.

The reason why moss causes problems is that when it is raining, it absorbs it like a sponge and keeps the water in. There the problem occurs since the function of the shingles is to roll off the water from the roof, and with this particular quality of this plant, that is not possible. So, the logical conclusion is that the moisture does not go where it needs to, thus shingles themselves may breakdown. Another issue that may occur is the leakage of the water. It can go under the shingles and thus creating mold and water damage.

Are Granules Important?

There is a sign that the life cycle of your shingles is ending. It is related to granules. Roofs tend to lose more of them when the time comes to change them. If there are some darker patches on some parts of your cover, it means that the granules are worn out and that replacement is needed. You can check also by looking in your gutters, and if they are loaded with this stuff, well, you will know what is the next step.


Too Much Moisture

While walking on your roof for any reason, and you notice any bounce or spongy feel, that is also considered as a sign that something is up. It means that the moisture has weakened the underlying decking. Have a look in your attic to confirm the suspicion. Look if there is sunlight coming through the roof borders and check is the isolation is wet. If that is a case, it means that you have a leaky roof. So, arm yourself with a flashlight and go up there for a detailed expedition.

These suggestions on how to notice those signs that can give you a clue that it is time for maintenance are more than useful. It is important to keep your roof as preserved and functional as possible. By replacing missing poaches or shingles regularly, your home cover will be proficient and easier to upkeep.

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