4 Reasons Why You Should Tap Into Benefits of Fishing

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people that have fond memories of going fishing with their parents as a young child. This is usually what lights the fire of passion inside someone and gives them the urge to continue into their adulting life. These people know and understand all the benefits of fishing and often try to tell others about the lifestyle, even if it is met with some negative comments now and then. For those of you that have never been fishing it’s time to understand why people do it for two days straight. Why 12 hours at sea in the wind and rain can be so fun. Why sitting next to a lake is more peaceful than you could have ever imagined. Here we look at some reasons as to why you should be tapping into the benefits of fishing.

1. Stress Relief

Let’s start with something that might not have been something you’d associate with fishing – stress relief. Getting away for the weekend is something that we all like doing. The aim of the game is to relax and let all our stresses and worries go, even if it’s just for a few days until we return back to normal life. That might include going for lunch or a few drinks of an evening in a bar. Maybe it includes heading to the beach and going swimming in the sea. Fishing offers the same headspace and freedom as everything else with the added benefit of being around only those you choose.

Set up a camp by the side of a lake or river, get the tent up and if you’re a well-prepared fisherman then you can grab the portable stove, fire pit, and anything else you want. Once everything is set it’s time to get the fishing gear out. There’s something cathartic about fishing, the process, the chase, the battle. It’s something to concentrate on whilst being in the middle of nature. A perfect stress relief.

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2. It’s Great For The Family

Some of the fondest memories many people have are going camping with the family. A basic set up that provides more than just a holiday, it’s a time to bond and a time to enjoy each other’s companies. Hotel holidays don’t always come with the same feeling, as nice as they are.

When it comes to fishing with the family, there’s no better time to teach your children about the ways of nature. The professionals of www.usangler.com think that it’s a brilliant learning experience for them and it’s a fantastic time for you. If the whole family comes then everyone can join in. Finish fishing for the day and go for a walk, come back to the tent and cook a meal you can all enjoy out in the open air of nature. Is there anything better?

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3. Enjoy Fresh Food

Can you say you’ve had food that was so fresh you had to kill it and gut it before eating it? Well, most hunters and avid fishermen will say yes but if it’s something you’re interested in then fishing is a great place to start. Fresh fish can be some of the tastiest food you can possibly eat. Spend the day fishing for your dinner and in the evening cook up a storm over a campfire, there isn’t a feeling like it anywhere else.

There are, of course, fish that are nicer to eat than others but that only brings a sense of adventure to your fishing trips. If you want to eat a different kind of fish then you’re going to have to go out and find it. Maybe even take to the seas for something completely different? The world is your oyster!

Source: Ontario Parks

4. Helps Get You Out The House & Active

Many people struggle to get out of the house to exercise and it’s through no fault of their own. Exercise can be seen as boring to some, the idea of a run is never that nice, and a gym is often seen as overwhelming. Fishing can be done on your own or with other people and it doesn’t always mean you’ll be sat at a campsite all day. Depending on what style of fishing you choose you could be wading through rivers for hours, which let me tell you, really takes it out of you! Staying active is important, so find something you love and get out and do it, maybe it’s time to give fishing a go?

Not only does fishing keep you active but it’s also an activity that is a lot of fun to partake in. Days out on the river or lake will keep you entertained for hours, especially if you have your friends with you. It’s great to bond with the family but it’s also great to take your pals along too. You’ll create incredible memories and most probably have a healthy competition between all of you over who can catch the biggest fish. You’ll probably end up coming home with some funny stories to tell the rest of your friends, how one of you fell in and couldn’t get out or how your rod got pulled in by a giant river monster.

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There are plenty of reasons as to why fishing should be taken up by more people. It’s fun, keeps you active, teaches life lessons you’ll never forget, great with the family, there are even competitions to fuel the fire inside. If you’re thinking of starting out then visit a local shop, they will be more than happy to walk you through what you need and where to go to start your fishing journey. Taking advice is good to start with as some fishing spots require a fair bit of experience, it might be difficult to land a fish on a certain river or you’ll need a certain technique to get them out of their hide holes. Start with something basic like a fishing lake where you’re guaranteed to get a bite and the day will be more enjoyable than sitting for 12 hours without catching anything.

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