How You Can Use IG Reels to Research Potential Homecoming Dresses

Going back to school is typically something we are often reluctant to do, but with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s far more likely that we’re all going to be racing back through the doors. So this year, homecoming is going to be a bigger event than ever before.

So many fun events take place around homecoming, but the main event for any school is the homecoming dance. This is basically your big party before having to get back to your classes and actually learn stuff (or it is in theory – many homecomings take place in October, by which time you’ve hopefully settled into your new year)! So, you should really start the school year off with a bang. You know what that means? Finding that perfect homecoming dress.

With COVID-19, it might be difficult to actually get out to a store to hunt for the right homecoming dress, but with so many online platforms, it is now easier than ever to find inspiration for any outfit. However, it can be a little boring just endlessly scrolling through images of homecoming dresses, with nothing really jumping out at you. Enter IG Reels.

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This is a new feature of Instagram, launched at the beginning of August 2024, that allows its users to create short, 15-second videos and enhance them with music or even augmented reality. These are a great way for companies and influencers to show off their brands to both their followers and the billions of other users on Instagram, and they provide some much-needed entertainment.

Simply by searching for ‘homecoming’ or ‘homecoming dresses’, IG Reels can really help you to find inspiration for your homecoming look, says SherriHill. You will find brands showing off their dresses most suitable for homecoming: short, party or cocktail dresses, covered in super fun sparkles and embellishments that can be seen so much better in a video clip than simply with a photo.

Having a model genuinely show off the homecoming dresses is so much easier for potential customers to actually see the entirety of the dress, how it moves when they walk, the details, the length, the silhouette, etc. This is so important when trying to decide which styles you like best and which styles might not work so well for you.

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IG Reels are also a great way to discover brands, not just a homecoming dress. It’s very likely that you will need another formal outfit in the future for another event, such as a prom or party, and finding a new brand you will want to go back to time and again saves you time searching for something you will like and will support a business, which is always a good thing!

As much as it seems worthwhile looking for inspiration on sites like Pinterest, you will often find that, because posts have been pinned over and over again by hundreds of people, you may find that some of the homecoming dresses you like the look of are out of date or not available anymore which can be a real disappointment. Doing your homecoming dress research on Instagram Reels means that you are guaranteed to find looks that are completely on-trend and available for you to purchase, or at least that there is something similar out there on the market.

Finding that perfect homecoming dress can take a bit of time, but using IG Reels to research your ideal homecoming look will get you that step closer and keep you focused on more uplifting things during these uncertain times. And when you do find your perfect dress and look, why not use IG Reels to show it off? There are some serious numbers being logged for fashion accounts on there, so it’s the perfect way to get eyes on your account.

If you are wondering why a lot of people find this idea appealing, the answer is simple. Reels will be highly moderated and it’s also an easy way for influencers to promote their ideas. We strongly doubt that those who use Instagram, which is a huge number of people, won’t try this app at least once. Well, it’s not really an app, but it’s a feature in an app that’s already even more popular and widely used than Facebook.

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We feel like the Reels section is something that will help people relax and just “chill” for a bit, either after work or when you need to watch something that’s lightweight and doesn’t require much thinking. In fact, reels has the potential to become a lot more educational and productive than TikTok. Sure, there will be a lot of entertainers here, but at least the content will be a bit more original than what we had on TikTok. But, if you want to research a certain subject, such as homecoming dresses for example, you can do that easily.

The Instagram Reels section should be a bit more organized than TikTok. Previously, on the FYP we had tons of content that wasn’t anyhow related to our interests. It’s just what people thought is funny, so the algorithm recommends it to you. But, if you frequently search for homecoming dresses, and you’re only interested in seeing that exact type of content, hopefully Reels will suggest it to you whenever you open the section.

Combine all of this with the Reels editing section, and you already have a very interesting opportunity for those who feel a bit creative and are looking to monetize or popularize their content. Augmented Reality Effects, Aligning, Speed and a few other light-editing elements are more than enough to attract a huge audience. The larger the audience, the higher the chances for you to find the content you’re looking for in this section. If more people like homecoming dresses and they post videos about it on Reels, you’ll find what you need in just a few seconds. It’s a great concept that’s expected to “blow up” and become very popular.

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