How to use Geo-Restricted Apps like WWE in India

There are several apps for Android, iOS, or Windows that are not allowed to be viewed in all regions of the world. Such as Apps like WWE. They are restricted to US. But you don’t need to worry anymore. There are some ways through which you can simply use that. For that you have to use some third party applications. Because of android we are having more pc like features that we can use without worrying much.

We can use location based locked apps and enjoy a bit of good output on it. WWE is not the only app that is restricted. I had seen a lot of video streaming app that offer you nice video albums also does not have any way to play those content on your tablet or mobile phone. So here things are very simple to use. You can start working with a simple option through which you can access a lot of things. But this does not modify any major settings on your pone nor does this require any rooting stuff.

Goe Restricted Apps

It is simple and easy to work on. You can disable the app and restore back the original location of your device. The only requirement for using these settings is that you have to use your WiFi for location. You cannot use GPS. Many Android phones do not come with gps in them. So in that there is an option through which you can enable wifi based location. That means your location is determined on the basis of your phone IP address. We can play with that making it to something else. Like if you are in India you can pretend to have a US based IP. So let’s start with the process.

Changing Phone location for apps that need Location Services :

  • Number of apps needs location services. That means they won’t work if your gps is not active or if you don’t have the same. So here you can simply modify that to some else country. For that you have to enable Developer settings.
  • Tap on Settings from the App Drawer. Scroll down to About Phone. Most of the phones are having developer options hidden. You can enable that by tapping continuously 7 times on Build No.
  • Scroll to the bottom and there you can find a Build Number. Tap around 7 times on that. There may me more needed depending on your phone model. You will get a message as developer options is turned on.
  • Now go back on the main settings menu and at the bottom side you can find developer option. Tap on that.
  • You have to look for Location in it. Tap on in it.
  • You can change the mode from here. Just choose Device only. That means now the location services will be working on the basis of your phone IP.
  • Once you are done with that you have to go on Google Play and download Fake GPS location app. This app will help you to spoof your gps location.
  • Install that. Now go back in the Developer options and tap on Mock Location.
  • Launch the Fake GPS Location app.
  • Here you can choose the location that you want. Like US to view WWE app. Just try out the same.


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