Windows 9 Preview

Windows 9 is the next upcoming version of Windows OS series and this would bring a few surprises with it. We are just a week away from its Official launch. I am going to offer you a nice short preview of the same that is going to target a lot of features and the new thing it is going to have. It is worth to discuss because Windows is the most popular operating system that we are using. And it is quiet helpful for every user to find out what new things this OS is going to bring. Last time when Microsoft released Windows 8, they just modified the entire UI putting the users into more confusing. They removed the start menu and added Metro UI on its place which did not make much people happy.

And this time I hope Microsoft won’t be repeating the same mistakes again. They might work on the UI part more bringing the Windows 7 look back again so that people won’t really get confused what actually they are using. The next version of Windows is going to be release soon. From my end I am trying to find out the information about the features and things it is going to provide.

Windows 9

This time Windows 9 would be an important release for Microsoft, because Microsoft is planning to unify the tablet and desktop based platform. That is why they are trying to push the touch based interface on pc also. The first thing that Microsoft will have to work on is bring up something that can provide or replace the classic Start menu. I had seen people today are still using a third party start menu app as they are quiet conformable with it.

When it is coming out?

Most probably, Windows 9 will be revealed just 10 days later from now. It is 30th September confirmed by Microsoft itself as they have already sent the Launch Invitations.  Last time Windows 8 took a very long time appear back again as Microsoft was not really sure to make the changes in the UI. Many thought that Windows 8 would have a lot of similarity like Windows 7, but things were quiet different here. So here the date is quiet confirmed account to me. There are few reasons behind the same.

The first is that the upcoming Build conference might be the open gateway to see Windows 9. The new release time will not be much delayed this time. The earlier launch might add some new thing that will make the users a bit happier. There are quiet lots of details about that on the web. A recent report has clearly stated that the new windows 9 might get delayed but this won’t cost one more year.

Windows 9 Beta or Preview:

The next question is to get Windows 9 Beta or Preview edition. So that users can simply get plenty of time to test the new Windows 9. Microsoft has always released a public edition so that people can test out the features and report bugs if there is. And then the final version come out which is a commercial product. This time after Windows 8, Windows 9 is going to have a lot of critics ready for it.

That is because there are many things that are not liked in the new Windows OS and surely Microsoft has to work a bit harder to make Windows 9 better. I hope we get a open public testing edition for everyone. So that soon it will be easier for us to find what is new in this. Windows 9 is going to be very much similar to Windows 8. There are lot of things that are going to be taken from that. The visual structure will remain the same according to me Windows 9 preview should be fine.

Cortana in Windows 9:

There are maximum chances of getting Cortana digital assistant in the new Windows 9. Microsoft might make this common so that you get a simple digital commands control over your pc. It will be helpful for all type of system. This will add more active interaction with the pc. You can use Cortana digital assistant to do simply task. This is introduced in the lumia phone and it is working quiet well. But we can get a desktop version of the same soon on Windows 9.

Windows 9 Start Menu:

Windows 9 Desktop Mode

You might be anxious to know that what would be the look of new Windows 9 Start Menu. There are changes in it. Microsoft will be mostly stuck with the Metro UI. That is because they want the touch and desktop based UI to remain common. This helps the users to work more effectively on the same. Here the concept or Start Menu is in fog. Most probably you can assume that you are going to have the same live lives on your screen. You can use the UI to make it lot more better this time. That means the added customization options are going to make it better.

Windows 9 License cost:

Microsoft does not believe in giving out a budget OS for those who are willing to pay for license. But in Windows 9 things can be different. It is first found that Microsoft is going to reduce the price of Windows 9 significantly compare to the older editions. So that it can help everyone to buy the same. There will be separate features that you can buy, by paying extra for the same. But most of the things are going to be common. You can simply add many things on the same and with tiny amounts.

High DPI monitors Support:

Windows 9 is going to hold the key for amazing screen resolution. Microsoft is going to work on the same in giving you a lot better high dpi output. You will get a high end resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 on the same. This can benefit the portable pc that is released. Like Samsung Ativ. For tablets and for touch screen based laptops also. The screen of Surface Pro is also going to be enhanced. Better resolution makes your work lot more easier. You can simply type fast on the same.

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