How Agencies Can Grow Revenues With a White Label SEO Provider

The year is 2024 and one of the most important things for business these days is the Internet and search engine optimization. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this term, search engine optimization is the deciding factor when it comes to how high you’re going to rank on the Google search results page. For some people this may be an entirely new concept, but for some it’s just another day in the virtual office.

You see, every urban person nowadays as a smartphone, and about 90% of those people have access to the Internet wherever they are. When any of those people need something, they no longer ask their best friend or a close family member for the answer. Instead, they type in a search phrase and Google provides them an answer in just a few milliseconds. But, this doesn’t only apply for knowledge purposes. The same thing goes for services, products and anything that’s business-related.

For example, if you’re walking down the street and you suddenly remember that you need to get a haircut, a quick Google search will let you know the locations of all hairstylist salons. But, according to statistics, 99% of those searching something like this will click on the first result that comes up. Whether that’s going to be your hairstylist salon, or someone from your competition, it depends on you, but mostly on your search engine optimization.

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What is White Label SEO?

White label search engine optimization may sound like a bit more complicated concept, but worry not because today we are here to explain everything you need to know. Basically, white label SEO means hiring a search engine optimization expert, who can then provide professional service to all of your customers, but without including their brand-name. Instead, the service provided to your customers will be under your own brand name, meaning that you end up getting the credit for it, shortly put.

How does this help my business?

In the introduction part of this article we made sure to give you a close and realistic example of how important SEO is in these modern times when the Internet is basically everything that matters the most. So, this means that both smaller and larger businesses, and enterprises, are already aware of the importance of optimizing their ranking results and pages. So, it’s pretty safe to say that this might be the best time for you to start providing such a service. 2024 is the year of search engine optimization.

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Why would people choose me?

This is the most frequently asked question when it comes to search engine optimization and business. You see, we have to be realistic with you, which means that we cannot deny the fact that there is a lot of competition in the SEO industry in these modern times. Everybody claims to be the best at the job, and when a comparison comes into question, both sides will say that the other one will provide worse service, and that you need to choose them instead. But, as always, these are just words that you should not take for granted. One of the most convincing things that customers want when it comes to search engine optimization, is perfect pitching and personalization. Before we get into why personalization is so important, take a look at what Semify has to say about all this.

Provide personalization

So search engine optimization is a very complicated thing to master. It might seem like something that is very easy to get into, and although that’s true, without taking things to the next level it will be difficult for you to fully utilize the techniques, and achieve amazing results. With that being said, you should know that those who hire a search engine optimization company to take care of this for them, expect you to take care of literally everything so that they won’t have to waste their time checking whether it’s good or not, or even worse, having to modify things from their side.

Okay, so now that we know that, it’s important to understand that people will pay good money for this, so they’ll spend a lot of time doing a background research on which company to choose. If you want to be the one they choose, you have to make them feel special, and like they’re getting the best service out of all the others. So, personalization is the key here.


How to utilize personalization

What we mean by personalization is presenting them a few ideas and methods that apply only to their current situation, instead of just speaking generally on what you are going to achieve for their money and assuring them that they won’t find a better choice. Take a few days to do a research on your customers, and when they get back, present them with a mind blowing concept, assuring them that there receiving a personalized service for their money.

You’re probably familiar with the fact that email marketing is far from a dead technique, and if you are an agency providing white label SEO service to your customers, the chances are that you are using, or should be using this marketing method.

One of the best ways to show personalization by using email marketing, is to always include the name of the brand in your email, instead of just generally writing something that seems automated and robotic.

Agencies need to show professionalism

If you are the one chasing after your customers, which you should be doing since the competition is so large these days in the search engine optimization sphere, make sure that you’re not instantly doing a sales pitch in the first introduction email or commercial. Instead, show that you care about your customers and their interests, and assure them that you know exactly how to provide them with the best results for their money. If you manage to do this, there’s no need to pitch your sales, because the deal has already been sealed, and is just a matter of time before you increase your revenue with a new sale.

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