Top 10 Millionaires in the World

Do you wish to know who the top millionaires in the world are? Well, we think that a majority of you might have some idea about the persons who have made it to the Forbes’ list of the world’s top millionaires.

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If you are curious to know about the top people who have made it to this list, then read on.

1. Jeff Bezos

Source: The Straits Times

He laid the foundation of Amazon and has a net amount of around 183.8 billion dollars. You must know the fact that Amazon is undoubtedly the leading e-commerce company in the whole world. Initially, Amazon was just a startup and was launched as a normal online book shop. Well, back then, the company incurred very low sales, but they refused to give up.

Today, in 2024, Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men alive on earth. He recently added an extra 40 billion dollars into his net amount.  After introducing the category of wholefoods, Amazon is planning to launch many other excellent ideas in the upcoming future. Jeff reached his 200 billion dollars mark quite early in his career, owing to his hard work. He set the bar quite high for his followers. People are hoping he will soon become the very first trillionaire in the entire world very soon.

2. Bernard Arnault

Source: Business Insider

He is LVMH’s CEO, which stands for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey. Bernard Arnault has a net amount of around 119.4 billion dollars. This company came into existence by the merger of two organizations, which are namely, Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessey. Both of them are amazing, great fashion brands.

Bernard takes all the movements quite seriously. Talking about 2017, Arnault ranked at number fourteenth on the list of millionaires. Today he stands on the second position of the world’s richest person list after hustling for four whole years.

3. Bill Gates


The founder of the organization, Microsoft, Bill Gates, has maintained the title of world’s top millionaire for quite some years now.

Microsoft was founded by Gates back in 1975. Gates co-founded it with Paul Allen. Ever since its existence, Microsoft has acquired the position of the world’s most successful company that sells pc softwares.

With a net amount of $115 billion at present in 2024, Gates has kept his position constant after he reached the 100 billion dollars bar.  However, he has now dropped a few levels but has still made it to the list.

4. Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Vox

Well, everyone must have heard of Mark Zuckerberg. He founded Facebook, and he is the CEO  of this most liked and loved social media site. It is considered to be an amazingly valuable company present on a social media platform.  The startup initially started in Harvard University’s dorm room.

After suffering a major forfeit in the Data scandal of Cambridge Analytics, the stock price of Facebook fell rapidly. However, Mark regained all the major forfeits. Today, it has a net amount of 93 billion dollars. He is the 4th man who has made it to the list of millionaires.

5. Mukesh Ambani

Source: BBC

He holds the largest share in Reliance Industries Limited( RIL) and is the top millionaire in Asia, but in 2024, he made it to the world’s list of millionaires. Presently, Mukesh Ambani has earned 88.9 billion dollars so far.

6. Warren Buffett

Source: StockBasket

Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is a businessman of American origin. There are millions of people who admire and follow his path and try to adapt his strategy.

With a present net amount of 82.3 billion dollars, Warren has made it to the list of world’s top millionaires. However, even after owning billions, he resides in the same building that he used to when he was not a millionaire!

7. Elon Musk

Source: Investopedia

He is an engineer of Canadian/American origin. He is also a tech entrepreneur as well as an industrial designer. Elon Musk founded Tesla, Paypal, Neuralink, as well as Space-X.

Presently, Elon Musk has earned around 79.4 billion dollars. This further denotes that the net amount has doubled up in 2024. This happened due to the extreme jump in the stock prices of tesla from April to August.

Initially, when he started this journey, he was in the 24th rank. But today, he has made up to the list of top 10 millionaires in the world.

8. Larry Ellison

Source: Investopedia

Having co-founded Oracle Corporation, Ellison is ranked as the eighth richest millionaire in the world.

With the passing ages, Oracle Corporation has turned out to be a quite successful company. They have been in the business for 39 years. Today, it has more than 136000 employees working under it. Presently in 2024, Larry has a net value of 74.9 billion dollars.

9. Steve Ballmer

Source: Tampa Bay Times

Steve Ballmer acted as Microsoft’s CEO previously and he also owns an NBA team, Los Angeles Clippers. Today, Steve Ballmer is ranked among the richest millionaires and has made it to the top millionaires around the world. His current net value is around 70.1 billion dollars.

10. Larry Page

Source: BEntrepreneur

In 1998, when Google came into existence in a terminal, the co-founder of it was Larry Page. Undoubtedly Google has acquired the position of the world’s most famous search engine among all the other search engines in the entire globe. With time, Google is working on making a variety of acquisitions and adding other big companies under its domain, say, for example youtube.

The success of Google has therefore helped Larry to acquire a place among the top 10 millionaires of the world. With a net amount of $67.9 billion, Larry is still working on several plans to increase his rank further.

We hope this article comes handy in having an idea about the leading millionaires in the whole world.

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