11 Hidden Features Every Samsung Phone User Should Know – 2024 Guide

For a long time now, smartphones have not been a luxury but a necessity and a part of our everyday life. Some are used for entertainment, others for work. Young mothers enjoy taking pictures of their children in all possible situations, and young people like to visit social networks. While all of this can be done via any smartphone, there are still specifications by which one phone stands out from the rest and true fans of mobile technology attach great importance to it.

What is it that sets one manufacturer apart from others?

What’s so great about Samsung? We love the fact that it is popular and widespread around the world and that it is very easy to unlock and decode. That is why those who ordered it or received it as a gift from another country have no reason to worry. You can read more about it by clicking on directunlocks.com.

We have already mentioned that various specifications set some phones apart from others. With each new generation of phones, many improvements are being worked on – graphics, system applications, speed, as well as the look of the phone itself. Many don’t even know about all the features their phone has, and we’re here to introduce them to you, at least when it comes to Samsung.

1. Screenshot with a palm swipe

On most Android, you will take a screenshot by pressing the volume down button and the power button at the same time. With Samsung, it’s a little different – you need to press the power and home button. But there is an easier way, and that is to run your palm over the screen, from left to right. If you fail, you must set it to default in the settings.

Source: Digital Trends

2. Separate application sounds

Imagine a situation where your phone is connected to a speaker via Bluetooth and you are listening to your favorite song out loud. Yes, it’s nice. But what if at that very moment your phone rings and interrupts the song, and the bell plays through the speakers? Samsung has a solution for this because it is possible to separate the sound, that is, to play a certain sound through a certain output, and the rest through a device. For this setting, there is an option in the “separate application sounds”, which is located in the settings for sounds and vibrations.

3. Hide apps

This is an option offered by newer models, such as the S8 and S8 Plus, so you don’t have to rely on unreliable app cabinets.

4. Create your GIFs

Samsung phones are known for their incredibly good animation tool. All you have to do is while watching the video you want to cut, go to Smart Select Edge and select the “Animation” tool.

Source: iTechify

5. Use the Blue Light Filter

It has been scientifically proven that the blue light emitted by the screens of telephones and laptops can damage eyesight and also disrupt the sleep cycle. For this reason, it is possible to include a filter that removes blue light and thus prevents unnecessary eye strain. You can set this option to turn on and off automatically at the time you want.

6. Glove-mode

Is there anything worse than when you have to answer the phone or answer a message just when it’s minus outside and your gloves aren’t taken off? Fortunately, and you don’t have to download them, all you have to do is set your phone to High / Increase Touch sensitivity and the problem is solved.

7. Find my mobile

Is there a greater fear today of losing your phone and learning that someone might be able to access your data? Just as the iPhone has the “Find my phone” feature, so Samsung has the “Find my mobile” feature, but of course, you must first activate it by logging in to your Samsung account and only then making the settings.

Besides, as a precaution against the misuse of your data in the event of theft, it is important to protect your phone with a code, pattern lock, and even a fingerprint.

Source: Android Authority

8. Face/voice/signature unlock

This is ideal for those who have an annoying younger brother who can’t wait to peek into your privacy. All you need to do is have the phone scan your facial lines and each time you unlock it you need to turn the display towards you for recognition. However, hope that your brother is not wise enough to think of showing your picture, because in that case, the phone would unlock. Combined with the voice and signature, it will go a little harder.

9. Turn on a screen saver while charging

For those who like to play with their phone and always look nice and active, even when it’s charging, there’s the option to turn on your favorite screen saver. Of course, the screen saver can always be active when the phone is standby.

10. Two apps on screen at the same time

Thanks to this option, it is possible to open two applications at the same time or even switch content from one to another. What you need to do is make sure in the settings that your Multi Window option is turned on. Adding a photo to an email is much easier because you can open the gallery in another window and then simply drag the image into the email.

Source: Business Insider

11. Turn yourself into emoji

Emoji are very popular today and that is why you will very often see them as profile pictures on some social networks, such as Snapchat. Until now, this option was available only to iPhone fans, but it just got a very strong competition – Samsung Galaxy S10. This way you can get personalized stickers, and the avatar will repeat your voice, and follow your movements. With the help of AR emoji’s editing tab, you will also be able to play around and change your hairstyle or clothes. An interesting way to shorten your time while standing in line at the bank, right?

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