5 Expert Tips to Last Longer in Bed

Picture this: you meet a gorgeous woman online. You’re on your fourth date and you’re past the work and “where you originally from” small talk. You feel like things are getting hotter and heavier. The questions skew to dating history. You swap first date horror stories and giggle. She’s implying you’re the one that made it.

When this situation hits, you have to come to it with your A-game. No matter what the understanding is, there’s always going to be a part of you that knows the rules of engagement can bend, and you’re somehow at her place. Having the confidence to perform is key to presenting that open, masculine, and capable air. Now, we all know that sex isn’t everything. But getting better at it never hurts. One of the most common things that men want to improve their sexual performance is their ability to last longer. There’s a whole bunch of tips and tricks that you can do to achieve that. Some of them take a little work and dedication, but anything worthwhile takes a bit of that.

Stick to a good program and you’ll go from Usain Bolt in the bed to a marathon runner.

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1. Supplementation

When it comes to sex, it’s okay to be a little bit extra. Just look at what people are into. The entire spectrum of likes and dislikes is all over the place. But naturally, when something hits the nail right on the head in terms of “like” the first thing that suffers is duration. Kind of a cruel trick nature pulled, huh? Good thing science has a good answer to that conundrum of over-excitement in the world of supplementation. Herbs such as the cordyceps mushroom, according to supplement formulators at Male Extra, have been known to give athletes an immense amount of stamina.

Even the ruminants that end up eating the mushroom can go up to higher elevations. There’s a direct correlation between oxygen utilization and your stamina. Cordyceps, along with nitrogen-promoting amino acids like L-arginine, improve that mechanism. These ensure that the base level of your biochemical mechanisms are all completely covered when you get lured into the bedroom.

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2. Slow Down

Another expert tip is a time-tested classic. You could probably ask your grandfather what he did (if you guys are open like that) and he’d say this: slow down. There’s a thing we have in our head as men to go hard and fast. We have the loop of women saying “harder, faster” in our heads because of the adult film industry. Remember, those are male fantasies acted out by paid professionals to perpetuate what they think you want as a man. Its relevance to what a vast majority of women want is slim. So slow down. It’s okay. Don’t be monotonous with it.

Just set a pace in your head that you know you can work with. Attacking a situation like The Incredible Hulk isn’t going to help lower the intensity and give you a solid base to work with. It will do the opposite. Keep it nice and well-paced. This is especially true if you’re with a new partner. Don’t be so quick to try and be her topic of gossip with her friends. You’re looking to give an on-going and sustainable sexual experience. Those blow minds as well, despite the fantasy-driven narratives.

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3. 7/9

Let’s say sticking to a single pace just isn’t your style. Who can blame you? The idea of slowing down completely probably isn’t going anywhere with you in terms of excitement. If you’re looking to set a good pace without tiptoeing around the intensity, you should try out the 7/9 method. The 7/9 method is the pace you put on yourself that is both variable and sustainable. You’ve got aggressive and you’ve got calm. Go hard for 7 good, solid strokes.

Afterward, take it a little slower for 9 strokes. This gives you a simple set of numbers you can stick with while giving your partner the best of both intensities. On top of that, you’re not at all watering down that primal instinct you’ve got brewing behind you. They’re like interval sprints. Do them well, and you’ll reach the finish line on your time.

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4. Half, Half, Whole

Much like going hard, we also like to go deep. We don’t need to go that deep. It’s not completely necessary. We’ve all done the research and know that the great majority of orgasm-inducing nerve endings are external.

Even the male prostate is a few inches inward. There’s no reason why you can’t give a mind-blowing performance with a combination of different strokes. Start with the “half, half, whole” and change it up from there.

You can go any combination of halves and wholes. Play around with it. Give it a good pace that you can work with. You can even combine it with 7/9. The combinations of depth and speed are endless. But as long as your partner isn’t complaining, have fun with it. It’s good to see for yourself what works in the stroke department.

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5. The Numbing Spray

Like everything, there’s always a quick fix that you can employ. If you’re in a bit of a bind and you don’t have, for whatever reason, the time or energy to put in the stroke work, you can always get a spray. There are various sprays on the market that work to keep you lasting longer by way of numbing your penis. That’s all fine and dandy, but the longevity of the technique is only as true as the stock of the product you have. You run out, and it’s back to square one. But if you’re in a real bind to last longer, there’s no harm and no shame in using a numbing agent. Just don’t make it a habit.

As men, we all have parts of ourselves that we want to improve. That’s the nature of being human. Whenever we look inwards and truly work on something that we want to improve, that mindset carries over to other things. Pretty soon, we’ll apply the same headspace to improving other aspects of our lives. In the end, it’s a net good.

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