How Do You Use CBD Hemp Flower?

Hemp is a plant that belongs to the Cannabis Sativa species, to which the banned marijuana or dagga plant belongs. The main difference is that marijuana has a higher concentration of a cannabinoid called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – above 0.3%, which causes it to be psychoactive.

What’s more, hemp also contains much higher levels of a beneficial compound called CBD. On the plant itself, the flower buds contain the highest levels of CBD. This article outlines some of the uses and benefits of the hemp flower, as a consequence of its low THC and high CBD content. The hemp can be smoked, made into capsules, or even eaten in pastry form. For a detailed list and different types of CBD products, visit the Cheefbotanicals website.

Relief from pain

CBD buds are known to provide relief from pain to those who have suffered injuries. They work when taken in any of the forms mentioned above.

Source: Runner’s World

Relief from inflammation and sprains

CBD buds also provide relief from inflammation. In this case, they are rubbed externally to the inflamed region. They also provide relief to those who have sprained ankles, wrists, and knees.

Cooking ingredient

According to, hemp flowers and leaves, in addition to their medicinal properties, can also be used as a cooking ingredient and added in recipes. Some people even use them as an additional ingredient in baking.

Strengths and anxiety

Taking a dose of hemp buds also provides relief from stress and anxiety. When feeling ‘high strung’, hemp buds help one relax.

Source: Medium

Neurotic disorders

Disorders in the functioning of the brain lead to many conditions like mood swings and depression. Hemp buds and their oil extracts are showing great promise in alleviating these conditions. However, research on this is still ongoing.

Alzheimer’s disease

This well-documented disease has no cure. Recent research is suggesting that a partial cure could well be found in this remarkable plant.


This condition, caused by bone inflammation and below normal production of lubricating synovial fluid causes sleepless nights to many older people. Hemp buds and their extracts are known to provide relief when taken orally.

Source: familymedicine

Cure for tumors

Recent research is suggesting that hemp extracts help to prevent the growth of tumors. This would be a very exciting development as no known drug is known to do this for the majority of tumors. Most tumors have to be surgically removed.

Treatment of Acne

This skin disease is a result of excessive lipid (fat) production. Hemp extracts interfere with this production of lipids and prevent acne in the process.


Smoking marijuana has long been known to cause increased appetite. This property is also found in its sister plant, hemp. Properly administered, hemp buds are being used as an appetizer to help those lacking appetite.


Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes, the silent killer, affects millions of people worldwide. Much research has been done to investigate how hemp buds extracts can be used as a cure for this condition. It has been conclusively proven that CBD lowers insulin resistance and simultaneously triggers insulin production. In so doing, CBD lowers blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes to those who have not been diagnosed yet.

In addition to the medicinal uses discussed above, hemp flower has a multitude of other uses. The uses are varied and are to be found in many fields; construction, energy and agriculture just to mention a few.

Manufacturer of Textiles and other Fabrics

Since its legalisation around the world, its use is very likely going to grow. This is because of the many varied advantages it has over cotton. Acre for acre, hemp has the potential of producing three times as much fabric as cotton. In addition, no pesticides or herbicides are required for hemp production. Very small amounts of fertilizer is required. Further to that, hemp is indifferent to climatic conditions and grows in almost all climates whereas cotton requires moderate conditions only.

Source: CTPost

Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Hemp plant is widely used in both the pulp and paper industry to produce high quality paper. Studies have shown that one acre of hemp produces around two acres of ordinary trees. Besides paper, there are other related paper products like cardboard paper, tissue paper and others. Another big plus for hemp is that its paper lasts for much longer and is more easily recycled than paper from ordinary trees.
  • Hemp plants produce timber which is superior to ordinary trees. The timber is finding increasing use in the making of cardboard. In addition, since hemp flower is cultivated and grown naturally, its use as a substitute for making tree products means the anticipated growth in the acreage under hemp will lead to a decrease in deforestation -with all the downstream benefits that it will produce. And guess what? It takes many decades for ordinary trees to mature whilst hemp requires only around four to five months.

Used to Make Food Products

Hemp is almost unsurpassed in the variety of food products that it produces. Hemp seeds contain far much more protein than other plant-based sources of protein like soybean. It can also be made into everyday food products like butter, cheese and ice cream. The flowers from this wonder plant is ideal for making such nutritious foods like pastries and other baked products.


Fuel Making

Hemp is a good source of fuel. It is fermented to make a clean diesel oil that is not toxic and which produces very low amounts of pollutants. In addition, products like lubricating products and paint products, vanish and ink can be made from this valuable plant. What’s more? The seeds of this plant make up between 20% and 50% of the dry net mass of the whole plant.

Strong Fibre

The stem of the hemp flower plant produces strong fibre. The fibre is durable and highly resistant to weather elements like rain and extreme temperature. The fibre is used to make a very strong rope which is ideal for the making of fishing nets, carpets and container bags.

In conclusion, hemp flower has multiple uses and applications.  It has the potential to become one of the best drug in the whole world.

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