Vehicle Owner’s Manual is Your Best Friend

Are you planning to buy a new car or you have already purchased it? Just like many other car owners don’t forget to Visit to read its owner manual. Many people today when buy a new car they just don’t care to read the car’s owner manual as they find it very boring. But you will be surprised to know that owner’s manual is your best friend when you drive your car. It has all the information about your vehicle’s working and you should know about it. It has everything in detail to help improve your ownership experience. Inside the manual you will get all the information from setting up the new car to its maintenance tips and schedules, service records and everything from engine to its boot box.

Today in this article we will discuss how helpful the car’s owner manual is and how it is your best friend when driving your car.

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1. Setup Instructions

With the advancement in technology every new car these days requires setup and user input. Things like Bluetooth, keyless entry, voice recognition etc. needs to be set up.  With the help of user manual you can easily do this. Also, through user manual you may come across many new setting options which are find to find manually.

2. Maintenance Schedule

When you purchase a new car or even buy a used one, its maintenance should be the priority. Through user manual you can easily catch early problems if you have read the manual. Also the guide will help you know when to take your car for service and you can even store the service records on it. This way you can increase your car’s performance and your vehicle will last long.

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3. How to Check and Refill Fluids

You may know how to open your fuel tank but there are certain other fluid tanks like windshield wiper fluid, coolant, clutch fuel tank, brake fuel tank, or motor oil tank. Through your user manual you can easily know about these and then you can keep an eye on them to check if every fluid in your car is okay after certain period of time. You will also learn if it’s better to check the fluid while it’s hot or cold.

4. Oil Change

Oil change is the most important thing to do as car’s life depend on it. Only through your user manual you can know what kind of fuel to use, when to fill up tank, how to check the engine oil level and how long you can go between oil changes. Oil page is the most important page in your owner’s manual and you should certainly read it more than once.

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5. Seat Positions and Head Restraints

Seat adjustment is one of the most important things to do while driving your car. It’s good for your safety as well as for your driving comfort. The head restraints are important as it guards against the whiplash neck injuries and adjusting it to proper height will help cushion the head and spine in the case of an accident.

6. Removing the spare tire and operating the jack

Removing the flat tire and operating the car jack seems an easy task but it is not like that. Each car model is different and has different location to place the car jack. If you will place the jack at wrong positing while lifting your car you may end up damaging the lower body of your car. Through your user manual you will know where to place the car jack while lifting the vehicle and it will also help you to know what the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle is.

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7. Warranty Information

Each car manual has the information about service and parts that are covered by warranty. Before you end up losing your hard earned money to your mechanic to replace the damaged car part, we recommend you to go through the car manual.  Moreover you will come across other information like what you should not do that may void any existing warranties.

8. How to Clean the Vehicle’s Inside and Outside

If you love your vehicle and want to keep it looking brand new, you must go through your owner’s manual. The manual will tell you about the best cleaning methods that are best suited for your leather or fabric upholstery and outdoor paint, mirrors, and accents.

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9. Tips & Tricks

As each car manual has detailed information about your vehicle, you will come across the several little-known features. These little known features can be such as at what speed you can get maximum average from your vehicle, what’s the best tire pressure for your car in summers and what it is for winters, how many kilometers you can drive on a fuel reserve indication and much more.

You will find hell lot of other information like decoding dashboard lights, gas grade, ideal tire pressure, initial vehicle set up and much more than this. We recommend you to go through the entire vehicle owner’s manual before driving your new car. Remember every model is different and you should know all the vehicle’s quirks and oddities.

Just with few easy steps you can always reduce the maintenance cost of your vehicle.


1. Read your owner’s manual

Owner’s manual is a great booklet to gain knowledge if you want your cars, jeeps, trucks, or any other vehicle to run long for years. Just by going through your owner’s manual you will come to know about many basic things about your car. Just by following these steps and things which your manual states, your vehicle will run for many years without asking for any major repair.

2. Protect the engine

Engine is the most important part of your vehicle. You must always use proper engine oil which is recommended by the company for your vehicle. For the proper functioning of your car’s engine you use get it timely serviced within the regular interval of time. If you will change the engine oil and oil filter in a timely manner then your vehicle will run without any problem for years. It does not matter if your vehicle is new or old, timely service is always required for any vehicle.

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